Tagaytay 2017 : Travel Guide + DIY Budget Itinerary at 2K only!

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Hey guys!

It has been awhile since I last updated my blog. I have been inactive for quite some time due to the overwhelming growth and development of my career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). 😍 I was blessed that I was given a chance to work in the number one (1) accounting firm in the Philippines today, humbly called as, SyCip Gorres Velayo & Co. (SGV & Co.) wooo. 😄😊

As you may or may not know, working as an accountant really eats up your personal/family time especially during the Busy Seasoooon!

Fast forward....... last June 25, 2017, my boyfriend and I decided to hop a ride and go to Tagaytay City! In this post, I will be sharing to you how you can spend a day in Tagaytay - a perfect getaway date for everyone! (From the awesome view of Taal Volcano to their famous home of Bulalo!) But heads up! I'll just share those actual places we've visited. So here it goes:

(i) Transportation and Places to Go - summary description
     A. Transportation
     B. Places to Go
     C. Where to Stay
(ii) Budgeted + Actual Itinerary Schedule

Part (I)

1. To go in and out of Tagaytay - the cheapest way to the city is thru:
Via Bus: Erjohn Almark or Arbiel Transit
Actual Expenses: 95 Php each
Estimated Time: 2-3 hours (depends from the traffic)
Destination: We rode from Makati (Ayala) - Tagaytay and vice-versa
Drop off: Olivarez Terminal

2. To go around the city -
via Jeep: 8 Php each (base fare)
via Tricycle/Trikes: 25 php each (base fare)

!Transpo tip:
If going west to tagaytay-NUSUGBU highway - ride a jeepney or bus
If going east to tagaytay-CALAMBA road - ride a trike
In between transits - go to Rotunda or Olivarez Terminal


1. RESTAURANTS around the corner of Magallanes Drive and Tagaytay-Nusugbu Highway
(with overlooking view of Taal Volcano!)

From our Actual Trip:
Brunch: RSM Lutong Bahay

Dinner: Diner's Original Bulalo

image disclaimer to the owner

Other list of must-visit restaurants in the city:
i. Charito by Bag of Beans - due to limited time and budget with a full tummy, we skipped this store for a visit, but will definitely go on my next visit

image disclaimer to the owner
ii. Josephine Restaurant
iii. Bali Seafoods Paluto
iv. Bulalohan at Mahogany Market
v. Bulalo Point

2. Tourist Attractions in the City

From our Actual Trip:
a. Sky Ranch at Tagaytay
Entrance fee: 80 php each

b. Museo Orlina
Entrance fee: 100 php each

c. Twin Lakes

d. Dreamland Arts and Crafts Cafe

Other list of must-visit spots in the city:
(we didn't visit to these places during my current trip since I've been there before)
i. People's Park in the Sky
ii. Picnic Grove - entrance fee: 50 php each
iii. Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
iv. Pink Sisters
v. SM Savemore - actually there's a mall in the city near the rotunda

3. STARBUCKS in Tagaytay!
Part of the reason why we wanted to go in Tagaytay is to personally visit the best starbucks in the Philippines (as what they say). But you must know there are numerous starbucks store in Tagaytay and it took us three tries before finally visiting the best SB store yet!

The starbucks store - 'made in heaven' is located at Tagaytay-Calamba Road. Just tell the trike driver and he will know where to take you.

Check out our misadventures below grabbed from my IG story. 😆😂 (follow me @cathypurry)

From our Actual Trip:
Stay in: Jacobs Hill Tagaytay (just in front of Museo Orlina!) (thru Booking.com)
Price: 1,663 php for one night

Other places to stay:
i. Rent a Condo at Wind Residences - I highly suggest for you to rent a condo in your visit
ii. Tagaytay Econo Inn
iii. Just search in google for a cheap price or at Booking; Agoda; Traveloka; Expedia; Trivago for the best deal for your stay!

Part (II)
Here is the breakdown of our budgeted and actual expenses from our trip.
We only spent 2,300 php each!


Hoped my itinerary helped you guys.
My next post will cover my budgeted trip to Baguio, Camiguin, or Boracay 2017.
Follow me for my next post! 😍😘

♥ Cathypurry

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