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It has been three months since I had an interview from my dream company.

SGV --- around 5pm on a friday afternoon, 10th of June 2016, I signed my contract with SGV and Co. Aaaah, it felt so good. It was fortunately a one day job hiring for me. ♥

On that day, I got up early in the morning. Wore my business corporate attire and sip a cup of coffee before I went to the company. Around 8am, I arrived in the HR department and confirmed my presence. We had this usual fill-ups to write about (biograpy, quick essay). And I wait for the interview. I had two interviews. First one is in the HR interview. The first interviewer was quite intimidating (scary if you ask me) but the questions asked were expected. It was their first filter stage. And I see some applicants which had to go (wew pressure bes). After the first interview, you are told to wait for your next interviewer-- the supervisor of the Market Group that you will belong. Well not really accurately, but it describes to all I knew. I don't really know how they sort the applicant to the Market Groups.

Anyway, I was still not called for my next schedule of interview. It was really nerve-wracking, because when you are called by the HR it means you will stay or go. And I was called, and PHEW, the HR gave me the address for the next interview! (Good job, Cathy! Lol) I was in SGV I that time. For my next interview, I was asked to go to the next building. And so I went, 10f in STI Holdings, I waited there.

And after ten minutes I was called by two supervisors from this certain MG. And there we had an interview. In my first thought, I was like; "Holy shit you can't be serious with two supervisors in front of me. But I guess, this is how they hire here in SGV". Hahaha. And I was so glad I didn't get intimidated at all. In fact, they were both cool people! Very fun and friendly and I am soooo happy that I met them lol.

Anyways after that one hour interview? (insert chikas from them and stuff) I went back to the HR department. And the rest, well, is history. :)

AFTER two reviews, from all those self-doubts if I ever get to taste this feeling, I am so glad the God's timing is really perfect! Everything is falling back into the right place at the right time! Finally lumalaban na ang career life ko! :')

Timing is truly perfect because I am just a new hire and I get to experience big events in SGV already in less than a month when I was hired! I feel like they were just waiting for me. CHAR.

This is me on my Assurance 10x training.

Privileged to be part on the 70th Anniversary celebration of SGV. :)

And was able to join the REL Cluster outing of 2016!

All I could say, is trust in God's plan! Because it is better than yours.

♥ Cathypurry

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