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""Don't settle, don't lower your standards. Wait for the guy who truly loves you.
Recently I had a friend tell me in conversation, "What if I never find the perfect guy? I probably just need to lower my standards to get that 'ring by spring' like everyone else."

I'll be honest, I once thought the same thing... Will I ever find a guy with my, what seem to be, impossibly high, standards? I realized, though, yeah I should probably let go of the physical standards I have but there should be some things, us as girls should never settle on. We should wait it out, because even if it takes longer than expected, God has that perfect guy in store for you.""

By Ileana Gates, The Odyssey

1. Wait for the guy who makes you laugh.
The guy that makes you smile when you're just done with the day, the guy who knows exactly what lame jokes to tell you that make you smirk, and the guy who will always try to make you smile or laugh when you're going through the hardest of times.

Me: even when I'm in my most difficult times you still manage to make me feel better. To make me happy.

2. Wait for the guy that motivates you.
The guy who will push you to reach your dreams and goals. The guy who will encourage you when you feel like giving up and the guy who will motivate you to pursue God and encourage you to grow in your faith.

Me: He's the right kind of guy that helped me what I am today. When I was still in my review, he never got tired of being my cheerleader, my motivator whom I dearly love so. One of the main person who helped me reach my goal-- to become a CPA.

3. Wait for the guy that prays for you.
The guy who will set aside some sort of time per day to have you in his prayers. To pray for your goals, your life, and your relationship.

Me: I know baby you rarely pray before I met you. And you told me you're more prayerful than ever now because of me. I am deeply touched because of you, love.

4. Wait for the guy that respects you.
Not just the guy that opens doors for you and pays for dinner, but the guy who respects your body, respects your morals and respects your choices.

Me: Thank you for your respect baby. Thank you for understanding our differences. Thank you for everything.

5. Wait for the guy your family loves.
Because let's be honest, they really do know best.

Me: Because so far, they like you. And I am grateful for that. The right kind of person who is a good man for me and my family. I love you so much!

I've been meaning to write a post for you-- solely dedicated to you. But I think I found the best article that perfectly describes you. I maybe running out of words to say, but know deep down, I am so thankful and blessed to meet you. And I'll never forget to remind and tell you everyday how much I love you! Thank for being my greatest motivator. I may not have reached my ultimate goal without your help. A million times thank you.

Soon we'll be making our dreams come true together! 🙈💕

With love, 

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Wednesday, June 1 @ 11:07 AM 

Matthew 19:26 "With man this is impossibile but with God all things are possible."
or we simply know it as "With God nothing is impossible"

Exactly one week ago I received the most awaited results we've all been waiting on may 24 @ 1am, I am thankful and blessed to have passed and become a certified public accountant.

The supposedly 5month review turned out to be a one year review. And my biggest realization was that YOU should never give up on your dreams. As what Pia Wurtzbach said: We should never waver in our perseverance. A dream is a picture of a possibility. We should have strong heart and a prepared mind to turn that into a reality."

She was one of my biggest inspiration and I know some of you, especially my fellow CPAs in the batch May 2016, can also relate to this.

Most of you only witness this part of my success, becoming a CPA. But I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to those people who have witnessed my struggles, pain, and depression as I was still reviewing. It wasn't an easy journey I tell you. I almost gave up all of my dreams because of great disappointments. But I was grateful to have been surrounded by those people who helped me get up on my own feet and motivated me until I reached my humble achievement.

To my parents, THANK YOU. A million thank yous would never be enough for all your sacrifices, support, and love for me. To my dearest mama and papa who never stopped working hard just to support my review. To pay the rent in the boarding house just for me to have a quick travel to PRTC and be safe as always. And for all the love and support you have always made me feel. Ma, Pa, now is the time I could repay you back.

To all my family and friends, who prayed for me. Thank you so much for the support!

To all of my friends right now thank u for coming here! Hope u enjoyed ur foods hehe

To my family friends and neighbors, to Pastor Ople, alerta family, japos, soroño, ibarra, babol, kee, gamil and to those i havent mentioned, thank you for the prayers and support!

Also I would like to thank those who have participated tonights event. To dianarah lofranco, *CHECK PROGRAM*

I would like to specially mention those people behind my success that pushed me to take the MAY 2016 board examination.
-As you may all know, a week before the actual board exam, I planned to back out. Because I felt that I was not ready with the low scores I got in our final pre-boards in PRTC. I would like to share this because as they say in PRTC, as long as you get a line of 6 in their pre-boards, SURE NAKA MA CPA. Well as for me, I never got a general average grade of 60+ in both the preboards. As what Sir Ocampo would say, "rare lng may pumapasa na 50+ yung grades". Well I believe I am one of the lucky ones who got to passed the boards with even low grades during review.
-So I would like to say thanks to Ana Alexa Villalba, Ann Carmel Atillo, Geo Abendano, (who by the way, was the main witness during my crazy moments in casa but still pushed me to take the exam), Celine Nicole Orbe (who made me think if I should still take it, she was constantly texting me already I should think it through kasi sayang lahat ang efforts) and to my biggest motivator, my bb cousin Danica Lofranco. She was the one who really convinced me to take the boards. Thank you sa inyo!

And d nako limtan akong family members here who came just to celebrate this event with me thank you to Tita Rhoda Requerme from Cebu for ur endless support and prayers while im still reviewing. And to my Ate Jen jen and my niece jewel janine and nicole thank you for coming here! I love you all so much!

And lastly, THANK YOU LORD GOD! CPA NA JUD KO! Thank you for hearing and answering my prayers Lord! Truly, you just have to trust God's plan for you! Maybe you will experience delays in your life but at the end of the journey, He will take you there.

Without you all, I wouldn't be standing in front of you right now I just feel so overwhelmed and blessed. So again, THANK YOU. Thank you for coming here and I really do hope you enjoyed the night. Salamat kaninyong tanan! Dalaygon ang Diyos!

My thank you speech held on Grand Caprice, CDO, May 31, 2016.

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