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Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!!!!

Until now I still get overwhelmed by the news early in the morning around 1am. My parents and I were asleep when suddenly my bestfriend called me. Sheet the moment I woke up, I knew the results were out already! I was so nervous I was ready to take whatever God has bestowed upon me. Then my bff shouted we both passed!! I WAS SHOUTING AND JUMPING ON THE BED that woke up my parents!! We were so haaapppyy!  We jumped and shouted all over the house! OMGGG FINALLY I PASSED! 

With God nothing is impossible! God's timing is always perfect! And it was the sweetest victorious moment that I'll forever cherish!! :'))))

I still can't get over seeing my name thru the list of the CPA BOARD EXAM PASSERS! #2779 page 57 of 61. I knew something is up with 57! Sheet. So happy the national passing rate is 42.91% ! It's even bigger than the last October 2015 exam.

To keep as a reminder of this sweet success I made it as a lockscreen and homescreen!❤️💕 Ang sarap makita ang pangalan mo sa lista!

MAY 2016

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