Tuesday, February 16 @ 9:42 AM 

No words can express how thankful I am to meet this guy. All it took was our perfect little timing in this imperfect little world. Long distance relationship may not be easy. (The struggle is real guys!) But we believe our love is strong enough to work this one out. We're not rushing into things because we know in time we'll be together again real soon. 

As much as possible, we tried to see each other once a month. It's quiet hard since it's all about timing and if our schedule permits us to do so. He's busy in his work (it's the busiest season for the accountants!) and I, on the other hand, with my review.

If there's one thing I've learned, the right person will truly come. Chill ka lang, because he's on his way. ☺️ And when the right person comes, he will do the things that were once just in your imagination. And when you come into the point in life that you lose the ability to trust and love someone again, he will make you realize how beautiful it is to love and be loved wholeheartedly.

I just get so overwhelmed with all his love. I've never experienced a love like this where there are no demands, no expectations. No games, no pride. We just outdo our love to one another. Haha. So is this the feeling of having a true significant other? It feels so good and so right. 😍❤️ No dramas just love. We're just sooo open to each other. Haay ang sarap magmahal sa taong alam mo na mahal na mahal ka rin nya. ☺️

Maybe at first I've guarded my walls, but he was willing to break it down. Just the perfect gentleman anyone could ask for. I love how he's so friendly and talkative haha that even my mother is amused by him. 

I love you so much baby! We met by chance. And I know God has planned this for us. I kept repeating how we have a perfect timing in life. Thank you for your never ending love and making sure you let me know everyday how much you love me! Thank you for always being there, one txt away, to wipe away my stress haha. Yes babe, let's just hold on to each other and enjoy the ride. #EverydayILoveYou! 🙈

❤️ Cathypurry

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Wednesday, February 3 @ 6:46 AM 
A Song for Penny Brown

The sea beckons to me
It tells me to write this song for you
To let you know just how much your love means to me
When you kiss me heaven sighs,
And the mountains all reply
That oh, I love you so, just how much you'll never know.

When you're far away, I miss you so
The longing's just too much to bear
It makes me yearn,
It makes me want to be in your arms
And there forever I will stay
In love with you this way
Oh how I love you so, just how much you'll never know

He alone knows just how this love came to be
I wasn't looking for love early on but then it came to me
Your love frees me like a child
Happiness I've never known before
Oh just how much I'm grateful for you, you'll never know

When I close my eyes
I think of you and just how much of a blessing you have been
I've never known it's possible to feel
Such happiness on earth
Oh how I've yet to learn
That oh, I love you so, just how much you'll never know. ❤️

❤️ Cathypurry

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