Of Goodbyes

by - 7:06 PM

...Stop acting like you were the one bleeding.

Stop acting that you were the one in pain.

Months may have passed, you still didn't stopped with the drama.

Showing to all of the people how you have been left.

...I have been silent and tried not to cause any trouble.

I may be silent but I was not blind. 

But you,

you kept on pushing all this deception.

The worst part was that everyone was helping you through it.

Until when will you stop using me as your beard?

From all these lies that I don't want to hear.

...You kept telling to accept who you are.

May I remind you,

I have stayed.

I stayed even both of my bestfriends fucking betrayed me.

I helped you get up on your own feet.

Wasn't it enough?

I never left by your side because I "loved" you,

even after all the betrayal I witness with my own eyes.

...But you were not contented.

YOU were the one who left. Not me.

You left me helplessly.

I got sick for months because of you.

Only to find out with the same reason as before.

Fucking lies. All the deception.

Not only to me but everyone.

...I still stayed to be with you.

But you took me for granted.

One day I woke up,

I've had enough.

My pride... my worth...

I neglected it all for you.

...I would cross oceans for you.

But you never thought it twice.

You never saw my value in your life.

I still remember, summer, you getting melodramatic...

People thought it was I, didn't they? :P

And I think it was a best case scenario,

To have me as your cloak.

Did it felt safe? I guess so.

...I bet you start missing me,

Soon as you realized I was better off without you.

Does it hurt your pride?

That I found myself?

That I finally realize my worth?

That I am capable to be happy on my own?

That I never needed you all along?

...And then you start acting up.

Posting all your dramas to social networking sites...

But I kept silent,

Even when people were asking me,

Because I still cared of your "image"

Even if you were ruining mine.

...Does it feel good?

To let all the people know,

That you appear it to be my fault?

Even if YOU were the one who stabbed me a thousand times,

But then acted like YOU were the one bleeding?

...May I remind you,

You had a choice.

It was never me who you chose.

And yet you guys are still doing it right?

"Kay love man lage", as you would say...?

You think I forgot all the pain you caused me?

All the lies you throw in front of me?

...It is said, "if you are meant to be,

you'll find each other in the end."


You kept on pushing this belief.

Didn't you think what I would feel?

I was vulnerable and weak just for you.

I gave you chances.

You almost killed me when you left.

I had to be rushed to the hospital.

Were you even concerned of my well-being?

NO. All those time when it was us,

it was all just you.

You were selfish.

And still manipulative,

Not only to me but to the eyes of the people.

...You are a good friend.

Just never a good lover.

You were all but empty words.

I've had it of you.

And yet you still show to people how you are hurting.

...I say ENOUGH.

Get on with your life.

Move on.

I might never said that I have forgiven you.

But for the sake please,

I have moved on.

...This is me saying let's forgive and forget.

It has been a wonderful experience with you.

....Even most of it was pain.

Let's stop hurting each other.

And this ends now.

Let me go.

...So, stop all this shenanigans.

Stop acting like you were the one bleeding.

Stop with all the lies already.

If you "did" love / loved me,

You will let me be happy.

I've had it.

Just... enough.


May you have a wonderful year ahead of you.


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