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Four days and eight hours. We've been together for only those times. Those hours that felt like months and days that felt like years. Where have you been all my life? HAHAHA. (If you'll see this, alam ko tatawa ka talaga HAHAHA shut up beh. :* ) It's not even a legit ISANG LINGGONG PAG-IBIG. LOL.

NO. We were not together during review days. YES. We knew each other since July/August because of common friendS. It started off as a tease and look now we're here. Hahaha. Honestly, we just started going out AFTER actual boards. We don't even contact each other.

Everything truly started when we saw each other again during our pre-week lecture. We had a small talk then he shared he wants to go to museums etc and I was like, I've been there! So yeah, we exchanged numbers. We only started contacting each other when the actual board was almost over.

And we went out together for the first time to watch the movie Heneral Luna. Gosh, I felt really dizzy watching that movie. -___-. We still had a chaperone sa 'first date' hahaha thanks Cel. At first I never really felt anything yet. I even thought this is going no where hahaha.

But second day came, it was a Monday. We had a whole day for ourselves. So when we got out we never really knew where we're going. I suggested we go to MOA. So there, our MISadventure began. HAHAHA. It took us 4 hours just to get to MOA. HIS FAULT PROMISE. Funny story, I suggested we should grab taxi. He said ok. But being indecisive as I am, I asked it's okay to LRT. So he said okay again. But then I said we should grab nalang, as the drivers we're bidding already sa app, he grabbed me to a rela because mg lrt nlng. HAHAHA. And so there the long story gooes. We got lost because we don't have any idea how to get there. I only know we will stop sa Vito Cruz and ride a cab to the mall. Hahaha it's so hard to detaaail. Basta everything felt like an amazing race. I was worried he got mad already but he's full of smiles talaga and kept pinching my face kasi na kukyutan daw kasi I'm so pressured na.

We arrived at 7pm. Imagine. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Tapos ng kfc kami. FUNNY THING kasi pumunta pa kami at nag travel ng 4hours pra lang mag KFC? WTF! Hahahaha. Anyways after the rest, we went to the carnivaaal. He haven't tried the ferris wheel yet so off we gooo. Tapos I let him tried the bumper car kasi hindi pa daw nya na experience LOL. Actually he didn't really wanna ride it but I forced him and so we did. We stroll around the mall tapos went to the bay. We tried the night life there. Bought some tower so yum basta. That night was so memoraaable haha. <33 And I arrived na naman sa Immac mga almost 12pm haha! Sorry guard!

(Wacky eh haha)

Our third date is another freaking adventure!! We went to Laguna. We accompanied his friend because he would visit his gf in UP Los Baños. It was a 2 hr ride. My first trip to the province here sa Luzon. It's so niiiice. When we arrived sa UP, everything felt so humble. Haha paano ba to idedescribe.. Basta super big of course. Everything just felt like sa province. And time flies by so fast and there we are sitting on a bench both of us and just looking at the field, kids were playing badminton, and we looked at the sky so big and bright. Just the perfect romantic setting indeed. <3 We were listening to music as we're just sitting there, chilling. Everything felt so calm and I feel so safe. CHAR. Hahaha. Tapos we went out to have some dinner so yummy. And there we went home. Fritz and his gf is so cuuute talagaa.

Fourth day! I've always wanted to stroll around the big cityscapes of Makati! And it came trueee!! <33 It felt fulfilling pero sad at the same time because we both knew it would the last date we'll have this year before I'll go back to CDO. :( we just enjoyed every moment and made sure time was not wasted. Huhuhu. I feel that I truly belong in Makati. I'll be back soon next year!!! And both of us we'll get back together because he'll have na a stable job naman there. Hahaha. After taking super long waaalks we went to Glorietta to watch some movie. Awww :( hahaha. Then we went home and I arrived 11pm again haha sorry na guard last na to. Tapos we said good bye na talaga to each other. It was super saaad. :( #sepanx

And our 8 hours together happened during my previous post. So yesss yuuun. EVERYTHING IS JUST SO FASSST I JUST FEEL SO OVERWHELMED. :( I don't know what the future brings. But let's just live the moment okay? Miss you soo muuuch. We'll see each other soon hopefully. :* Take care love. :*

❤️ Cathypurry

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Hey, how are you? How am I? Hahaha. This would be my first and last comment about another sad event of my life.

I didn't pass because I have a grade below 65 in a subject. I didn't even made it as a condi since my general average didn't reached 75 (because of that subject). So it's sad I know. But you know what, believe it or not, I didn't cry because of what happened. Yes, I was sad but it didn't made me cry. Pride? Maybe. I don't know what to feel because this is the very first time in my life to fail in a test. Haha. Crying is just too sad. I don't know. Many people around me cried for me so it made me impaled. I feel guilty because I made them sad. But I hate it when people sympathize me. Gosh, just please don't try. HAHA. So yes, that's my comment.

But I think all the credit goes to the person who was with me during those times. Those moments that I felt I was walking through hell as I went to PRC. Maybe I did not cried but I was losing my breath. I couldn't breathe, yes. He kept my sanity intact. And for that I'm forever thankful. 

From the moment the results came out, I thought I'd survived the news in the early morning around 1am. Time came down at 4am and I was still in denial. The people in the dorm started to sleep and I, too, laid down. But the feeling of disappointment is slowly starting to kick in and I think I was going insane. But he made sure I was okay. Then as early as 5am we met outside. As soon as I got out, I hugged him. No tears fall down. He was just silent. Didn't tried to talk me over about 'This is just one of the challenges of the Lord..' And all clichè bullshits that would make me explode if I'll hear those kind of lines one more time. He just hugged me and we went out for a coffee. I was silent, I didn't want to talk. But he was starting to be sooo talkative. He made me laugh. Talking about other topics except for the results of course. Then I tried to share to him what were my thoughts. My plans. What shall I do. He just commented each thoughts I had -- the pros and cons. He made me calm. He's not the type of person who sugar-coats bullshit suggestions. All he did was he shared to me his thoughts. I feel at ease. I listened. 

After that we separated ways. We actually thought it would be the last time that we'll see each other because my  Mom we'll arrive soon. But another news came and I didn't even made it to the condi list. Of course, it hurt. Before I actually saw the list, he texted me we could get our grades in PRC. So I was happy we will see each other for one last time. As I was walking to where we are meeting, (because he can't go na sa Immac for obvious reasons. Haha) I just downloaded the conditional lists. And as if I was slapped when I didn't saw my name again. I felt dizzy and I amost pass out. I texted him to come walk over and meet me since I was not feeling well. And. As soon as I saw him I walked fast and almost running, I hugged him. He was shocked why because he didn't know. And just like in some movie script, I said, "I did not made it." He hugged me so tight. He asked me to not go in PRC anymore and that I should rest or coffee... But I still pushed we should go in PRC. It was one of the longest walks I had. Each step felt like I was walking through the gates in hell. He tried to stopped me several times but I still insist we go. So yes that's what happened.

This post is just a dedication to hiiim. I'm just so happy I met him. I don't know what would be my situation right now. Maybe I'll be sooo devastated. I'll lock up myself or be crying everyday. But I didn't and it's because of him. My family and friends who sympathized to me just wonder why I'm like this. I didn't feel anything and could still smile haha. But it's because of him. He made me stronger. 

He gave me faith and turned my doubts into hoping. He didn't leave me when I broke down. And I'm forever thankful he got me through it. He knows who I am and what I am capable of doing but he's still there HAHAHA. 

Thanks for everything and I will miss you so muuuch our adventures together in such a short span. Love lots. 

❤️ Cathypurry

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