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So I have a friend from korea and his name is Jin Wook! We've been friends for  3-4 years already? And what's great about it is we still keep in touch with each other! 

Just now, we started chatting again. And we looked back how far we've went through already! Like how I graduated already in college and him entering into military. We also talk about our relationships with other people and how it broke up. Haha right now, I'm just comforting Jin because he's sad. He just got dumped by the girl to be with another man. HAHAHA HOW FAMILIAR. We're suuuuch such friends!

I still remember when I was still in 2nd year college, how I shared to him everyday how freaking tired I am with accounting shits. And him in his studies. How we still don't have love lifes and all. Hahaha! Time flies by so fast and here we are!

Soon, maybe next year, I'm gonna visit him in south korea. And finally we'll meet personally! :') He's gonna finish with his military next year, January. 

I'll meet you soon personally, Jin! 

(Don't kill me if I posted this photo Jin haha.) He's tall btw.

❤️ Cathypurry

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