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Lately I've been crushing hard on someone. I don't like it, I love it, love it, love it, uh oh, so good it hurts. I don't want it, I gotta, gotta have it, uh ohWhen I can't find the words, I just go, *whistle* 😍😍😍💕

Gosh! I never meant to feel this way but why am I going crazy about him!  Never have I imagined myself to be crushing / falling for a professor. Yes! All my life I have never really had a/an crush / addiction on a teacher. (Except for Sir G in XU but I only find him 'kind of' attractive.) 

Wait! Weeeeww!! Okay so I'm crushing on Sir Christian Aris M. Valix. 😍 HAHAHA I know! He's like the CRUSH NG BAYAN sa CPAR or in the Accountancy world. You'd be abnormal if you don't like baby valix. Yes, he's usually called as 'Baby Valix' because he's the son of Sir Conrado Valix, the Father of Accountancy in the Philippines! Baby Valix has a younger brother, Roland/Ronald? (I always mixed up the name.) and we usually call the younger one as Babiest Valix. (Babier is okay tho but we prefer to call him Babiest because we just feel like it. ^^ )

Haha! ANYWAYS. Uhmmm wait :)))) hahaha! I don't usually go mad/crazy about a person -- like super duper addicted. That's why I hate it when I am crushing hard to a person! HAHA!

When I was in highschool I have this ultimate crush with a guy named, Alex. I never looked to another guys until I finished HS. I know, I was super duper crazy about him. He's a year older than me. And even though he has different girlfriends, I don't mind because I just like watching him from afar.😄 In college, I have this ultimate crush on a Nursing student. Let's keep him a secret (basin naa pa diay chance?) HAHAHA! He's the dream! I mean he's family is such #goals. And I go crazy when I meet him! Usually I see him in Magis (our cafeteria). And it went to the point that I watch his games (he plays basketball) during intramurals. We chatted. He knows me. He even greeted me and called me during my debut party! (With the help of my friends of course :p) Gosh, I'll never outcrush him that's for sure.

And soooooo, here we are, I am in review school now. And I never expected I'd feel this way again! HAHAHA! I got crushes of course, but not to the extent to this. Sir Baby Valix why do you make me feel this waaaay? :( hahaha! I knew from the start of the class that this would not be just an ordinary crush. I always tell my friends, this is different. I'm going gaga again! Huhuhu. I don't know what I find in Baby V. I appreciate that he's attractive and all. He's smart. He's affectionate. But gooosh I'm being a fangirl again huhuhu. Usually when I have an ultimate crush, it comes to the point that I get teary eyed whenever I feel so happy about him. And that's what I feel about my Christian V! Charoooot. HAHA! Praaaamiiiis. Whenever he discuss his lesson, I just feel so happy and contented. SHET I SOUND SO CHILDISH I THOUGHT I'M OVER THIS ALREADY HUHUHU.

The thing about this is that he knows me! Hahaha. Because when we had our CPAR friendship day, I won a Practical Accounting 1 book. So I asked my crush to sign it for me. And here we are:

MY GAASSSH HE SO GWAPOOO hahaha! This is no ordinary crush because I can usually control this haha! 

Anyways after that incident, we always greet each other when we meet like smile or say Hi to each other.


So I just finished my class in MS and went down. In the 2nd floor, Sir Christian just finished his class too. And there were so manyyy students! He was talking with another student about P1 matters. I just watched and smiled and inside I'm like (siir gwapo kay ka huhu). I was shocked there were two girls screaming because they didn't notice Sir was just beside them. And I heard Sir saying "Oh? Bakita kayo nabigla?" And the students we're like "eh kasi sir di ka namin namalayan!" They're so kilig and all. They were loud and laughing. Until I watch them behind my back and was surprised Sir was JUST RIGHT BEHIND MY BACK! Hahaha! Hart hart my eyes! 😍 He saw me watching and said to me, "o ikaw bat ka rin nabigla?" I was astounded at first because inside I was screaming (Sir are you really talking to meee? 😍) but I was cool to reply, "hindi kaya Sir! Baka ikaw nabigla! Haha!" So yes we countinued to go down the stairs. Until he tap my back and talked to me. I was like sheeeet sir is this for real?! The thought that he was still talking to that 2 girls and now he's doing this move ( CHAR BA OY FIRST MOVE JUD ) on actually having a conversation with me. 

Anyways! He asked, "kumusta yung results mo?" With his charming smile, I feel guilty with my preboard scores! :( "okay lang sir" I said. The he asked again, "nakapasok ka? :D" and I replied "hindi siiir :( (pabebe face style haha) sayang nga kasi malapit na sana huhu" he said, " ahh pero line of 8 ka?" "Oo sir :(" "Okay lang yun basta line of 8!" Then I said, "HUHU oo nga sir, babawi nalang ako sa final preboard!" Tapos we reached to the groundfloor. I was surprised he cheered me up when he said "sa final preboard ha?" Tapos nag - appear 🙏 mi! Then he said "Mauna na ako ha?" Sabay tap na pa akbay. After that I just looked at him as he walked away and then made me do my kilig pose! HAHAHA. Imagine there were so many students because it's lunch time already!! I can feel the envy in those girls' eyes as I watched them too! The point is! I touched his handsss, so soft and white and cold. 

HAHA TOO MUCH INFO! To think this event just happened for a 2minute-talk only! HAHAHAHAH. Sorry na Sir :( YOU ARE SO PAASA. That's why so many girls are in love with youuuu. Why do you have to be married and have kids already huhuhuhu. Sir can we not talk if you'll just make me fall for you in this very hopeless case scenario of ever being with you </3 :'( HAHAHA! 

I'm just so in love with Sir Christian V. And I don't know if I am inspired to study P1 or distracted because he just makes me smile all the time whenever I study the subject. I lab yoo so much sir it hurts! HAHAHHA labyooooo!! You're the reason I'm blooming. (If i am tho) You just make me so happy arghh 😍

❤️ Cathypurry

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