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Preboards are coming! And it's almost the actual board exam! While my fellows here are busy doing the usual break-time stuff (30min wifi party after dinner), I decided to update my blog!

For the past month people have been teasing about this dramatic stuff part in my life bla bla bla... Usually, I just smile and shake it off. And honestly, most people would think that I'm just pretending and I'm not affected blablabla. And it goes on and on and on @__@ 

So sick and tired of this issue, I just want to react that I want to shout "let go!". For me the true meaning of letting it go is to accept and move on. And to move on is to remove the toxic people in your system. It's like a toxin in your body that needs to be eliminated. And yes, you gotta need some detox right? Harhar haha.

But enough of that issue. It's part of the past that needs to be buried forever. I just want to let out these thoughts because I've had enough with this. Like what recently happened today. -_-

Anyways, truth be told, I am genuinely happy. Life goes on. You don't need to find happiness because it's just around the corner! Your family and friends! I'm happy I'm back to that drama-free Cathy version of myself. Don't need to worry nor think about all the kadramahan. And it's really a blessing! At wala kayong pake! Buhay ko to at walang makakapigil sa akin! (Pabebe girl haha.) Haters gonna hate. Potatoes gonna potate.

Nothing to think about but boards. HUHU that's the only drama in my life right now. 

After all I've been through, I am so happy and blessed with this life and where I am right now.

I'd like to share some true issues I'VE dealt with and how I overcame it. I'd never forgive myself if I allow again those things that broke me. But in due time,nof course, anything is possible. (Pics will be edited soon. I'm using mobile.)

At the start of my 20s, all I could see is the positivity in life. Just shake off those bad vibes and you'll be completely happy! Don't worry be happy! 🎶 Love love love, yourself! ❤️💕

Just dropping by and updating my blog! I finally feel free-ER after writing this out! Thank you to those obstacles in my life for making me that much stronger! Because now - everyday, I am stronger and happier!

❤️ Cathypurry

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