by - 11:24 AM

Usually I get LSS in a song because of the lyrics, but, heck, THIS BEAT IS SICK! The lyrics ain't even applicable right now but I so freaking love the instrumentals here. The song is dope! Wew maka-inlab!

I don't wanna conclude my summer because it's not really over yet! Gosh I keep on repeating to this song, I really love it wew! Anyways, summer's almost over and it has been a craaaaazy ride. I get to socialize with many people while being a lazy ass. I think I got what I want this summer and that is to chill before I face one of the most difficult challenge in my life. I'm just glad I get to get up on my own feet because life goes on right? So many great lessons learned indeed. :)

♥ Cathypurry

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