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Hi! Summer ain't over yet but I would like to share my summer escapade last April! Woooo! I was sad though that my trip to Davao was cancelled but graaateful that I went to Surigao! It's just the best! Long hour drives makes you think of all the stupid decisions you made in life! Haha! Because some things will never change right? But enough of the dramas because I'm over it. :P

I won't detail it anymore because the picture will say it all. :) It was a 3D2N vacation with friends and the XU-JPIA Family! ♥

Travelling with ze true bespren is ♥

First stop, Enchanted River!

Jumped at the left side corner rock into that deep mystique river coz I'm awesooome. And it was freaking amazing!

Next stop, Tinuy-An Falls! It is a three-layered kind of falls. Wow.

And off we go to the Ocean View and Doll House!

Not sure if it's cute or creepy.... hahaha.

'Oh kayeee, next day!

Hello to the breathtaking paradise in Britania Islands!

Naked Island? How interesting... ;)

This is one of the deadliest adventure we had. Long story. Too lazy to describe what happened. Haha.

Last day! We say goodbye to Oasis! So long, farewell!

We had a side trip to the Robinson's Mall in Butuan. It was an equivalent to the SM here.

YEY! I'M JUST GLAD I DIDN'T BACKED OUT IN THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE! NO REGRETS! So many fun memories I'll forever treasure. Like our nonstop jamming in our road trip, games, and crazy karaokes! We all deserve a break to find ourselves. I get to meet new friends and build bonds. Seize the day, indeed!

♥ Cathypurry

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