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Rejoice! The end is just the beginning of a new chapter!
Today I would like share my experience on my recent milestone in life and it's my graduation! :)
(Warning: Full of only photos and short captions haha.)

March 26. Baccalaureate Mass and Convocation

We gathered around 5:30 AM (so early!) and lined up for a grand march entrance for ALL courses in the University for the Mass. 

As I entered the gymnasium, everything just felt so magical. I'm in delight!

After the mass, we had our convocation. I must say, this batch is pretty controversial as what all the people would talk about. And it's because of the guest speakers and awardees. And honestly for me, everything is okay as long as it promotes for justice and peace. And truly, everything just went fine!

After hearing all the speeches, intense atmosphere, heated surroundings, finally part 1 of the graduation day is done! :)

March 27. Commencement Exercise

Before we officially entered the gym again, we first had our hooding ceremony with our parents.

How time flies by so fast! 

Weeeeh! Officially graduates, officially unemployed!

Finally, it's my turn to go on stage and receive my diploma from Father Bobby! 

And then I took a bow.

The handbook and diploma. 

Everything just feels surreal! Since it's my goal to have a selfie with Fr. Bobby, this is the only closest thing I had done with him. HAHAHA. I feel so inspired with Fr. Bobby's speech! He is our University President. I will always remember what he said: ACT JUSTLY. WORK HUMBLY. LOVE TENDERLY. For a second there, he actually wants us to find a significant other soon for there is forever daw. Oh, Father. Hahaha. :)

Oh, the happiness is just so evident here. ^______^


Thank you for the gift, Mami Lyn! 

We ended up the day with a family dinner! Argh! This is it after finding an available restaurant because everything was full!

Haha so that was it! My graduation experience! It was truly memorable! I don't wanna get all sentimental so I would love to end here. Another chapter awaits, and I'm looking forward conquering it, too!


Please pray for me as I pray for your success, too! Kudos!

♥ Cathypurry

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