by - 3:53 AM

:'((( baeeee why does it have to end like this :'((( i never wanted for us to give upp :'(( i love you so much it huuurts especially that line that keeps repeating on my mind :'((( it pains me so muuuch :'(( why did you do thiiis :'(( i've been drowning on my teaaars. But you did bae. You did. That line will always haunt my mind forever :'((( i will respect you. I love you so much it hurts baaae. It pains me this will be the last i'll get to call you mine. It pains me i love you so much but you did it bae. I said I love you so much that's why you should not push me away. But you did baeby :'( i'm sorry i got carried away by my feelings right now. Why did you gave up bae :'( i love you good bye :'((((( why did it end up like this :'((( how did we get here when i used to know you so well? :'''''(((((((((

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