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HAHAHAHA this is one of the corniest post ever. But I feel like I'm obliged to at least share it in away he's not given enough credit in the blog about his "goodness" siguro. Because I only feel like posting when I'm being a drama queen from our fights and etc... LOL.

I don't know what to say because he's full of shit. HAHA Kidding! :* :) I think we have this love-hate kind of relationship and I don't freaking know how to deal with this xD Since I can't seem to come  up with any topic, I'd like to share what I did to mah valentino last chuchu.

EDI WOW! HAHA I woke up receiving this text. And it's freaking hilarious. 

What he doesn't know that morning I'm finalizing my gift thingy ew for him. I think what pushed me to do this is the fact he's my first valentino..? And I wanted it to be special? so ew. LOL.

(char blur aron ignon. haha)

Since he somewhat gave me a kind of journal before, where I'd write all my thoughts etc, I'd like to repay him by giving him a journal, too since he doesn't really have any outlet to express his feelings especially when he's so frustrated (and doesn't have any blog to write all about it lol). So instead of tweeting it chuchu, he now possess this thing and I hope he makes good use of it! Since he claim himself as a writer. HAHA lel.

Well A for Ayfort! I printed out all the memorable convos we have. HAHA ewww. Feb 13 was officially our anniversary since we started texting daw feb 13 last 2014. char dawbe. 

Praaamis. He's so freaking snob at ALL times. *rolls eyes* But even though he's like that... he's like that. HAHA. Because at the end of the day,.... he's still... snob. HAHA joke lang bae :* That's why DAW things like this ends up about me not appreciating his efforts even in the simplest way. char *rolls eyes again* Lage lage, we already talked about this naman pud pero ambot :P

That thing I made is sooo cute that I wanted to keep it and hang it on my wall T____T I regretted why I gave that haha k.

I don't know what's the point of this post. But based from all the past, heartbreaking posts I wrote, I just want to acknowledge that life is a roller coaster ride. Even from all those moments I (or we) wanted to give up, we still found a reason to stay and overcome those obstacles. And oh, I'm glad he's my bestfriend. :)


♥ Cathypurry

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