by - 6:35 AM

Funny how dreams are so deceiving. I dreamt of you txting me what's wrong, asking for forgiveness why it's like this. I woke up crying because it was only just a dream. :'( It has been a week already. It hurts because you did't do anything about it. I cried for a week now. Acting everyday that it was okay. Pretending to be happy when inside I'm drowning. Knowing that everything changed you didn't even asked why it was like this. Didn't even bother to talk about it. It takes two to tango as what they say. And it is killing me inside that you didn't do anything to make it okay. :'( If it works, it works. But I am now thinking otherwise. And this morning I'll cry all my heart out. Just like any other nights that I will cry 'till my tears run dry and fall back to sleep.

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