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Hi Cathy, how's life? You've reached this point where you're almost done in reaching your goal. You've been always praying that you will graduate on time and gain that certified profession at only one take.  And I'm asking again, how are you feeling?

Well to be honest, a lot of pressure is been putting on me. There were tremendous amount of dramatic experiences I have and yet to be encountered. I have greatly experienced the ups and downs in this first sem in my fourth year in college. And this sem has not finished yet. Right now I just feel neutral.

I feel neutral in all my aspects in life. All I've been craving right now is to unwind from all of these dramas. From all the heartaches (not really on the lovelife part) I've been through, I have somewhat got used to the pain and I think I'm already immune. Well let's take it one by one, shall we?

Academics: This sem has been all about theories! Less the calculations except for finance/MA though. But do you know what I am afraid of? Facing all those calculations again in the second sem. How was my midterm result so far? I don't know. I think I passed them all. (I THINK) I almost failed most of those subjects though and my grades are bad. Dear readers, yes, this is the struggle of every Accountancy student. (Except for those smart people perhaps) Anyways, I have to strive hard. Double, triple, quadriple-- multiple time! Strive hard to pass those subjects. Invest more time in studying and UNDERSTANDING the concepts. I gotta sacrifice some of my time in other areas even if it means neglecting my duties. 

I never really understood the concept of BALANCING my tasks until I have done it to myself. And yes, it's a constant struggle.

Non-Acad/Co-Cur: Hayy. XU-JPIA. Familia. Yey or nay? Not an easy task to be an officer. And I found myself UNDERemplyoed in my duties. It was never an easy job to handle the media&creative stuff. People think its job is lighter than the actual job of an officer. But really, it's just equvalent or even more. You get sleepless nights to think of a concept and have to deal with all those changes or improvisation they ask even if it is in your most inconvenient time.  -__- And now, we're hosting this biggest event for JPIA the RMYC. Well, goodluck Cathy. #stressgiver

Family: This past week I found myself spending more time with them than I have ever done in first sem. And I had that going for me, which is nice. #stressreliever

Friends/Lovelife/ETC: I feel neutral. I love my friends though not in a romantic way. I am happy I found my true true friends this first sem. And my world has revolved around them that I think I'm neglecting other people around me. In short, there has been a limited interaction I have with other people. Hahaist. 

Let's talk about lovelife. I've been thinking and have accepted that I will never meet my 'the one' in college. (Not yet a guarantee though) but the thing is, I have accepted it already. That is why I am contented with my bestfriends. The point is, I gave up on finding him (whoever he is in the future ❤️) and I am so done in trying. I know this is the problem, you never find love. Love finds you. K, whatever. 

The last person I gave my love to was a tragic. Only one person knows why. TRAGIC, I tell you :) Minsan na nga lang magmahal pero... It would be hard to share this because the topic is so 'delicate' haha this would be the worst scenario of any girl/woman. And we're not even talking about unrequited chever etc. Sampalin ka nga naman ng katotohanan? :P Basta. Hay, sakita ui. :) 

So, as of this moment, I will be closing doors to all the possibilities, if we'll meet, then we will meet. But again, I will now focused on what is more important in my life, my family and academics. :)

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