Past, present, and future?

by - 8:09 PM

When it comes to a real talk about my "lovelife" (kunuhay) I noticed that the same questions or topic is being asked again and again and again. Now I'm making this post to clarify and give my final statement about this. Kay sumo naman gud sigeg balik-balik as in.

What happened in the past remains in the past. I have nothing else to say because what's done is done. I didn't regret anything because it was my decision. Because one day you'll just wake up and realize that things has changed. Maybe there's one thing I didn't do and that's to give an explanation of why. Because it was the problem in the first place, things were not clear. I don't want to pursue on something which I'm not sure of. And I don't want to fake a relationship. I was being true to myself because I know it will not get me anywhere. I tried to balance myself but I can't and that was it.

Anyways, for the first time (in forever haha) I am contented with what I am/have today. I am perfectly happy though I am really struggling with balancing my academics and non-academics. I experienced hell in my first two weeks of being a fourth year accountancy student! I am now being true to myself but there's still one problem, I still ran out of words to say! 

The following words will make you puke/shit bricks (tungod sa ka corny haha!). The thing about the past is that I know I wasn't being sincere at all. Good thing I realized it at this present. Haha! I never have been sincere in my life. I can exactly relate what Barney felt on 'never have worked this hard to work things out'. There were so many ups and downs but I overcome with each of those obstacles (so far haha!). We still don't know what future will bring us but right now I am sincerely enjoying the present, the life! And all I can say is I will work hard to make it work (haha weird statement).

CHARMOSE ginamos! So kung di diay kiligon ang nagbasa haha! Writing this post is so hard! Because you have to choose the right words to say. And try to make this post with only YOU, the writer, as the subject. <- haha that last sentence was confusing. So my point is, it's hard to make an anonymous post and trying to focus to the subject to me only. Haha I think you understand what I mean. 

And I just realized the title, too, is confusing? Ahw. Char :) dawbe.

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