A Short Story

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I realized it's been a long time since I wrote a post. Now I'll be sharing this incident I have when we had our JPIA Camp. :)

It's the third day of the camp and it was the awarding of each teams of camper. Now, I have a friend who is a camper and one of the prizes they won is a pack of chupa chups! I envied this lollipop so much that I asked for one. So this friend doesn't want to share because it will be unfair for the others (haha) but I really insisted. I asked for his other teams if I could have this chupa chups. And after some struggles,  I finally got one strawberry flavored chupa chups!

So I accompanied Celine to her room to pack her things. When we got to her room she saw my lollipop and envied for the flavor! (Lol) Because hers was a caramel flavored lollipop. So anyway, she wanted to exchange mine with hers. I was pretty hesistant at first because I do love caramel. But I decided to stick to my strawberry chupa chups. 

We went to our staff room to pack my stuffs too. And there were talks with other staffs etc etc. And then we went back to the eco lodge in Kampo Juan to meet the other campers for the closing program. And then I realized, I lost my strawberry chupa chups. :(

Life teaches us no matter how much we try to fight in what we have, there will come a time that this will all end. Even if we chose it under any circumstance and made you hesistant, still, it will leave you. There are no happy endings in this world. And the only thing you could do is to accept the things you can not change. 

:) (ps. I made this post last June 15 after the camp. Lol)

♥ Cathypurry

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