The Great Gatsby

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What a tragic story. This movie made a huge impact on me after the Book Thief film.

The plot of the story seemed so familiar. It was like a buried memory in my childhood that is once again dug and uncovered to foresee a reality. Even thought I have not read the book but it felt like I had read this classic story upon watching the film.

To summarize it in one line, it is about a man who is on the tip of his fortune and fame who tries to win the girl he once had five years ago. This man, Gatsby, throws out parties in the hopes that his beloved would miraculously be one of his guests. When he was united with his beloved he was mad-- possessive and obsessed. What struck me about this movie is that I can completely relate to Gatsby. His corruption and obsession.

Money can't buy happiness. Yes, we know. But we were ought to be reminded again. I have been longing to write a reflection about this issue. Ladies and Gentleman, as young as I am, only in my eighteenth year of existence do I fully grasp the meaning of this saying. For the past months, I have been obsessed to what awaits me in the future. Because I knew myself too well what I would do to get my ultimate goal -- and that is to be rich. Wow, what a surprise? Sarcastic, isn't it?

And throughout this greed that has been accumulating me inside, I have been introduced to endless paths and ideas. Incidents that made me wondered, 'SO WHAT NOW?'.  Some of you do know that money can't buy happiness. But ain't it summer? And we got money to party? Well my friend, we are talking of long terms here. I know what I am going to say would make no additional impact on how my explanation would be any different from the ones we already know. But mind you, even if you marry the rich man in the world and experience the grands in life-- there will always be an empty spot in your heart that you know it is missing. "She is so lucky but why does she cry? If there is nothing missing in her life why do tears come at night?" And until now, I am yet to find out.

You can't relive the past. Another thing we ought to know but we wish that could happen into our lives again. Many people put throwbacks, visit their old favorite place, and relive their childhood memories (from cartoons to foods). And the sad thing is - it will never be the same. You got a whole new perspective.

Like Gatsby, as I am, tries to win back Daisy in hopes to find an eternal happiness. But at times we think that things will give us eternal happiness will only end bringing a momentary piece of joy. Those we thought that would last forever would only end up with you being disappointed. I see through the vision of Gatsby who is blinded in hopes that he could end up with Daisy. Such a fool he was. If there is one thing I always learn from each experience I have - you don't force yourself to anybody. Have always learned it in a hard way. :(

Beauty is fickle and fleeting. HA! Allow me to express my rage on Daisy's character. She is a selfish, cold-hearted son of a beach. I know a person who resembles Daisy. How I feel sympathy to the poor old Gatsby. I just hate people who can't make out their minds at the last minute! Even when everything is already planned out! It makes everything so injustice and unfair! You have done everything and then you feel betrayed.

She just got her lover and now completely ignores you. It's like everyday as her relationship blooms our friendship fades (OA-Drama). Those ideas you came up just for each other - she can't do it with you but when her lover or other friends ask her she just say yes! It is truly unfair. I've got used to this pain now as soon she started dating. And oh, let's hide her by the name Celine. (But I love Cel and she knows it.)

Start counting on who are your real friends. This scene made a huge impact where no one went to Gatsby's funeral but only Tom. Not even Daisy (Btch). Though there's a perfectly good reason for it. Gatsby never got the chance to know people. He was too selfish. But he had Tom. He was too busy in growing and reaching his lifestyle that he isolated himself from getting socially involved.

This is too true for us students. Some of us are too focused on one thing that we tend to neglect those people who surrounds us. The family and friends. One day you'll just wake up and found yourself how lonely you are. This is a big lesson for me in my first semester in third year. And now I cherished each moments I have starting with my Family- my parents and then friends.

The Great Gatsby is truly an eye opener of one's selfishness and its consequences. Reflect in order to try and figure out what you truly want from life.

♥ Cathypurry

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