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You can never tell where and how you'll gonna meet someone. It simply doesn't end in College. Earlier this afternoon, my parents had a business meeting. And this is no ordinary meeting. (This involves 7-digits here. haha) Though it's not what I imagined it to be (them wearing suits) by their clothes. How I wish it would be grand like that!

Alright, straight to the point. So we have this Korean businessman who looks like our moderator in JPIA (haha husshh). We got our intros and asked me what's my age. I said 18 then he said 'Ohh I have two sons who ages 20 and 16) He's older son is studying in New York and the younger is in Manila studying. And at that moment, I reflected in life how there are so many connections and endless possibilities to meet new people!

Laughing out loud in my mind, I imagined what if he'll introduced me to his son and everything. BLABLABLA~

So my point here is, the world of one person doesn't end where he is living or studying. Because one day someone will appear in front of you that will take you to another place you never expected. Endless possibilities.
Nokia: Connecting People. HAHAHA.

I know, DUH CATHY. But that incident just serves as a reminder. Never hurry yourself. There's a greater unexpected experience in store for you!

♥ Cathypurry

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