Friday, March 21 @ 11:27 AM 
HI! My previous theme was the longest relationship I had in the history of themes! It lasted for almost a year! awww ❀

And the longest relationship I have with my earphones is the pink phillips headphones I bought five months ago! And it is still working up until now! Haha

Well anyways, here is a recap from my previous theme layoutβ€πŸ’‹

Only a few know I have secret links. Which is really obvious but some readers are just lazy (Well if I have readers though o________o)

And I also have these buttons for watching my previous posts:


βœ“ Cute mp3 player. But it's not shuffled tho
βœ“ Supercounters
βœ“ Click to the buttons like profile, etc.
βœ“ Favorites button shows my favorites (haha)
βœ“ If you're a blogger, follow me!  
βœ“ Hover your mouse to the white circled cats! You'll see my personal links
βœ“ uhmm..

Ok, bye! :*

β™₯ Cathypurry

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