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Short story:

Alright.... This is a very bad timing. At this moment I am studying for our last final midterm exam in Law. Now, as I was studying, I remember this very hilarious moment I had in our class. 

I was called in our oral exam (yes, we have it every meeting) I don't know if I was caught off guard or was not prepared for that certain article because I keep on asking our Proffessor to repeat the question. "I beg your pardon Ma'am?" This and that.  UNTIL I think I got my prof pissed and she said, 'Miss Tugap are you deaf?'  Haha.

Now trying to act cool and gracefully~ I said it in a most honest way. 'Well yes Ma'am I think I have a hearing impairment...' Now my blockmates were laughing. And then she asked again, 'Well have you checked it up in the hospital?' I replied, 'We tried maam but I don't really know what happened'

Haha what a bullsh reply. And the ending was she asked me to come in exactly at her front so that I won't keep on asking to repeat her questions. THAT WAS A SICK PLAY. Like seriously. My bmates laughed LOL.

But in all seriousness... ( CONFESSION CATHY MODE )

I honestly have a hearing impairment. My parents did notice it since I was young. That incident in law made me realize and confirmed this problem. Now my friends don't really believe in me and I, too, seemed that I just made it all up. (Which is true for so many reasons) haha. 

Fast forward. I was a very sickly child. Antibiotics was like my bestfriend.  I always get a flu in every other month when I was in elementary but seldomnly in HS. I also have this problem about my runny/clogged nose. Well, before, it would always take 2-3 months before it will be healed. IMAGINE. Just the blowing of my nose would already make me deaf. And as usual, antibiotics was just by my side. And oh, did I mention, taking this drug will cause you a side effect in long term? And yes, hearing impairment. 

BUT NOOOO.. As I'm getting older, I'm taking a safe step forward. I would take care of myself better when I was a youngster. And HOLY CRAP. Deafness is my worst fear-- followed by blindness! 

They say using earphones would impair your hearing. TRUE though. But it's just more different than this drug intake your having and all the sickness you had. 


Always be extra careful to yourself.  

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♥ Cathypurry

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