2013: A Wrap

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"I remember 2013 like it was yesterday gone by as swift as a Cheetah"

Wow! In my eighteen years of existence, 2013 gave me the best tastes in life-- sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. There were great challenges that I have overcome and some are yet to be conquered. Let's have a recap for some unforgettable experience in Cathy's lifetime.


Hosted Northern Mindanao Youth Business Cup with the delegates from five different High Schools.

Received for the first time (I think) a rose in Valentines! No big deal I swear, just some friends who ask someone to give it. Which is sad, I know lol.

Hosted the Senior's Dinner Party for the fresh 2013 graduates. Those three seniors at the right our now CPAs! And the four ones on the left will be graduating this 2014! Go for CPA!

This is the darkest moment of my lifetime. I have even thought of giving up everything I have. I was completely shattered and spent all day in the room weeping. When I have already accepted the fact, I went to the school and ready to change route. I greatly experienced going through the eye of a needle. It was greatly tragic. BUT in one blink of an eye I was given a whole amount of chance. That day was the greatest happiness I experienced for a lifetime.

May is my Eighteenth Birthday. I had my debut a day earlier on my actual birthday which is on May 31. :) And I think I change to a total of 4-5 outfits? I think.

My first JPIA Camp!

Been chosen to play Andy: an XU short film competing other schools in PICPA Week.

XCD and etc (cel) was born.

Island getaway in Camiguin for JPIA's Mid Year Convention.

 I don't really know what happened. haha. 
For the sake of a pic this month, I got to work with XU's Professor Crush, Sir Galang. He's not just some guy, many many many girls wants to be with him. He's name is everywhere, I found it on the cr, elevator etc. And Someone even proudly confessed her/his love to XU Confession. Haha (But I'm not one of those girls nope)

Testimonial Dinner for the new CPAs! 

So many happened this month. I just can feel the love. From our block, JPIA Christmas Party, to the Misa de Gallo and Family Party. BUT nothing could compete from this horrible and amusing jeje posts that was discovered by my friends. HAHAHA
 XCD Jean and etc (cel) [Jean was added :)]
Two Examples:
Haha. Well what the Hay! Abomination before 2013 ends, ey? 


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