Tuesday, December 31 @ 4:25 PM 

"I remember 2013 like it was yesterday gone by as swift as a Cheetah"

Wow! In my eighteen years of existence, 2013 gave me the best tastes in life-- sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. There were great challenges that I have overcome and some are yet to be conquered. Let's have a recap for some unforgettable experience in Cathy's lifetime.


Hosted Northern Mindanao Youth Business Cup with the delegates from five different High Schools.

Received for the first time (I think) a rose in Valentines! No big deal I swear, just some friends who ask someone to give it. Which is sad, I know lol.

Hosted the Senior's Dinner Party for the fresh 2013 graduates. Those three seniors at the right our now CPAs! And the four ones on the left will be graduating this 2014! Go for CPA!

This is the darkest moment of my lifetime. I have even thought of giving up everything I have. I was completely shattered and spent all day in the room weeping. When I have already accepted the fact, I went to the school and ready to change route. I greatly experienced going through the eye of a needle. It was greatly tragic. BUT in one blink of an eye I was given a whole amount of chance. That day was the greatest happiness I experienced for a lifetime.

May is my Eighteenth Birthday. I had my debut a day earlier on my actual birthday which is on May 31. :) And I think I change to a total of 4-5 outfits? I think.

My first JPIA Camp!

Been chosen to play Andy: an XU short film competing other schools in PICPA Week.

XCD and etc (cel) was born.

Island getaway in Camiguin for JPIA's Mid Year Convention.

 I don't really know what happened. haha. 
For the sake of a pic this month, I got to work with XU's Professor Crush, Sir Galang. He's not just some guy, many many many girls wants to be with him. He's name is everywhere, I found it on the cr, elevator etc. And Someone even proudly confessed her/his love to XU Confession. Haha (But I'm not one of those girls nope)

Testimonial Dinner for the new CPAs! 

So many happened this month. I just can feel the love. From our block, JPIA Christmas Party, to the Misa de Gallo and Family Party. BUT nothing could compete from this horrible and amusing jeje posts that was discovered by my friends. HAHAHA
 XCD Jean and etc (cel) [Jean was added :)]
Two Examples:
Haha. Well what the Hay! Abomination before 2013 ends, ey? 


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Wednesday, December 25 @ 8:26 PM 

Wow, as I was cleaning my laptop, I found this pictures! Everything felt so candid hahaha. I had this 'experimental hairstyle'. Well, it went well I guess... Until my mom had to force me to had it rebonded one week after! 

Oh yah, that's my room in Casa thingy~ It seems crowded because I still had my roommate there. BUT now it's super spacious and a lot times bigger. And clean, too. ;)


♥ Cathypurry

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Sunday, December 22 @ 8:15 PM 

CATHY is known to have many 'crushes'. Cathy is known to have many 'boys'. Why is that??

Well maybe Cathy is not ready for commitments. Cathy might have been in a hurry because she's already in her third year in college. Cathy feels like she's being abandoned. Maybe Cathy just feels pressured because her friends already found theirs. Cathy might not have used how things have changed. Because Cathy does not know things are not permanent. Cathy asks, 'Where have it all gone?" But Cathy must be versatile and accept things as how they are right now.

But point to be taken, as with these changes, perhaps the wrong is in me. I'm getting older and I need something to rely on. I just need somewhere to begin with. Well, I know what I've been told, 'You got to work to feed the soul'. But I can't do this all on my own. No, I know, I'm no Superman. And yes, this paragraph quoted some songs.

On my conquest to 'maturity', I must start with loyalty. My heart beats a lot to anyone I find endearing. But I know I must make a choice. I must stick to one. And on the day of 20th, Friday afternoon of December, it is all clear to me now. Everybody knows I fancy people that I find appealing. But I naturally believe that is part of humanity. I have so many loopholes and now I must go directly to my point.

I had these interesting talk with a friend. I don't know if I'm ready to be in any serious... abomination (lol). It has been an eye opener where one is better than a lot. (I know I'm better than this.)

I don't know if it is the for the sake of loyalty or seriousness but I know I have chosen to stick to one. But people do not know and neither he knows, yet. The bottomline is, I don't care about them (others) anymore. But as what my previous posts say, he's not the type you go gaga for and not the type you normally get kilig and obsess with. (haha) Maybe it doesn't sound quiet complimentary and maybe insulting but against all odds, I am and will be loyal. (achuchu)I'd love to take it slow or fast or whatever may go. Though right now, I don't know. May be he thinks it's unrequited (honestly on his side) but it's unknowingly unexpressed all along - that kind of way. I don't even know if we're in good terms right now haha. It sucks being in a pride and prejudice kind of thing.

But nobody gonna love me better, I must stick with you forever. Nobody gonna take me higher, I must stick with you. You know how to appreciate me, I must stick with you, my baby. And yes, that is quoted from a song again. #loyalist

Oh, Morning rose
How I waited for you
Oh, Morning rose
How careful was I to give you some space
And time is something we don't have
Sent my proposal, I'll wait your approval
Hopefully soon you'll be up,
soon you'll be gone, soon you'll be gone

Oh, Morning rose
How I waited for you
Oh, Morning rose
We where standing right there,
I played while you're gone
Tell me something I don't have,
Is there somebody, is it someone we know
Should I lose up, I'll wait your reply
Please let this not be goodbye

Oh, Lonely rose
What a beautiful pair we've made
Oh I take what I've got from today
Just as long as we clear
Morning rose

Oh, Morning rose
How I waited for you
Oh, Morning rose
I don't care anymore
I love you, I need you
Tell me something we don't have,
When I conjure,
this whole thing has got on this bag,
With that stress before winter-spring,
Sing your cool song
I just couldn't sing when your gone
Now I round for the room
For I sing my goodbye

Forever grow
Forever be
Be mine


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