What I've Been Looking For

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It's hard to believe that I couldn't see what kind of man I'm looking for.

Looks? Naaaah. Too over rated. (Though that's the kind of Cathy you know, right? :p )

Age? Nope. Doesn't really matter!

Family status? Hahaha depends.


Relationship status? Seriously?! Are you kidding me?..... JOKE! No, really I'm just kidding! Karma is a b if you do that. Respect dude.

If you'd read my old post, I have become a Ted that I didn't expect to happen at this point in my life. Honestly, you could say I've been desperate to find the One. We've been playing hide and seek for so long. I'm getting really impatient. Was.

Yes, 'you can't hurry love.' You don't find love you fall for it. But when will that happen? 

That's what all the people are saying and even our Epic Law Professor imprinted that to our mind. Well, she tried. She keeps on reminding us that thing almost every meeting. 

Anyways, too much words for the introduction!!!! I'm so excited to share what I have pondered! What I had reflected! What I realized! Waaaaaaah! :))) So here it goes.

Since I was young I have set a goal to myself that I will wait for IT until I entered college. (Insert koreanovelas etc influences here.) And boom. Here we are. THIRD YEAR, KOLEHIYALA. NO BOYFRIEND SINCE BIRTH! 

Now I guess you could say I only have around 2 years to find that guy. BUT WHERE THE HELL IS HE! BUT hahahaha. I may not have a bf yet but that doesn't mean I never experienced this thing you called MU. But again. hmmm I don't know. One day I just woke up and realized that it won't work out... IZIIIII! Most of them, (hahahaha them?!), is like an 'Isang Linggong Pag-Ibig.' Both Literally and figuratively.You could say I'm a Barney Stinson?! EEEEP.  Lol SORRY!

For several weeks, err months, I have been desperada. I KNOW IT's a major turn off but hey, that's me. That's the type of Cathy everybody knows.... Hihi. :( And everybody calls it a sad life. WELL WHATEVER.

Before, there's only 2 things I'm looking for a guy amd that he's TALL AND CHINITO. But after years of searching--- today, September 4, 2013, I, Cathy Tugap, finally confirmed what I'm seeking for a guy!

Looks can be deceiving. You'll never know they may look that great but inside are they, really?

There's only ONE THING I'm finding for a guy. And that is.......

He is like an older brother that will make you feel secured every time. 

I can't say I found him :P. or have I? 

Uhhhmmm I swear I don't. I just realized what kind of guy I'm looking for all this time. But that doesn't mean anyone. It is Just a type of guy! 

That kind of feeling that he puts his family first? That brother who loves his siblings? That guy who shows respect to women? Just seeing him warms your heart that even when you're afar you feel secured! And you get sad when you don't see him.

But he's not the type of guy you go gaga for nor the type you get so obssessed with. Not that type you normally get crazily kilig with. This means that he's not that guy you just play and leave. ( IZIiii ) No amount of words nor physical touch needed knowing he's around the corner gets you settled down. 

( just an imaginative feeling up there. Hihi. )

That is the type of guy I need, want, like, love to meet someday. :)


❤ Cathypurry of Sept 4.

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