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Omg <3

Hey guys! Sweet Andy here! I can't believe how it felt like an eternity to update my blog! There were SO MANY HAPPENINGS, the good and the bad, which of course--- happened in the past month!  

Can I just bullet(-ized) them all?

The Bad: 

- lowdown on academics (first quiz puro BAGSAK! (Except for finance)) 
- byebye 25/26" waistline! (been eating, less exercise tsss)
- unable to balance all my aspects in life
- have been so overwhelmed of 'the Good'!
- distracted because of....?

The Good:

+ I love my blockmates! 3ACC here! (well most of them... Haha ok fine, no bias :p )
+ JPIA camp resulted to a very good camaraderie between the other BSAC year level
+ been chosen and have been privileged to be a part of Andy! ❤
+ finally transferred to a place which is like a 2-5 minute walkway to XU! 


I know I should be explaining a LOT of all this success I have made and express this heartfelt gratitude.  BUT I can't because you know why? My laptop hasn't been fixed yet! And I'm still overwhelmed by my presence here in my new home. I feel like reaching this adult stage where I'm totally independent (which is actually not) haha. 

I'm so bummed with my Academics. Right now I'm struggling with Cost (that goes the same with any other XU Actg student) and FINAC (which is my most weakest subject ever!) not to mention ADVANCE (it felt so easy that I did not study for the quiz but shame on me, it was freaking hard!).

Oh, did I mention I'm not Cathy anymore? Everyone calls me now as..... Andy. 
❤ SweetAndy LOL.
Watch it now! The final screen showing would be this week from July 15-20 only! For more info here it is:

I promise you, that P10 you spend from watching it (wow, P10 only?!) will not be put to waste! Why are there so many people affected to it? BECAUSE they can completely relate to the story! Well, maybe for some people like me, can't really relate for the Academics part </3 youch. 

Andy Aftermath:

So basically, this Movie of XU JPIA is the official entry of the 2nd film festival of the PICPA (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Participating schools include the CDO (local) universities/college that offer Accountancy Program and also a school from Iligan. 

Anyways, during our premiere: 

Attached image above haha, it was held @ Rodelsa Hall last July 6. 

Et cetera, et cetera... Bottomline is, 

Haha! Not to be boastful or anything but I encounter Andy greeters everyday! Random people at school (no offense if I don't recognize/know you), even in Malls and at the Jeepney! (Kulang nlng sa Rela!) And the most recent part is today @ Liceo where we had our PICPA opening!  

What do I feel about this? 
'Hmmm I'm actually used to this in School but not really, you know, outside of the campus' -- HAHAHA! Just Kidding! Well yeah, it motivates my optimism when I see a stranger smiling at me and says, "Hi Andy!"

The wonderful feeling you experience with this encounter is truly amazeballs! (Forgive that word haha)

But honestly, my response is usually a smile and A wave only. Rarely do I speak to reply those people well unless they're close to me (literally! Like when we walked chever)

And so far, the most amusing experience I had is earlier when a group of students/JPIANs at the gym shouted "HI ANDy!!!!" In the middle when I was talking to our Mr and Ms!  They were/ARE so cute as they flashed their biggest smile and energetic waves! 

Oh yes, also when we had our FLOAT parade, it was a great experience when those workers, like in a fastfood chain, were jumping and waving at us as if we were true celebrities! And those people that shouts, "hi! Good morning!" , "andyyy!!!" <--- (because there was a cut out huge names of Andy on our float hihi)

And that is why the start of the month, July, is a very overwhelming part of me. And this is why I'm afraid I can't control all these feelings and be lost in my track of studies.

As what would Andy say, there are 3 things that we should have:

That's it. I gotta have my beauty rest now guys, XOXO!

❤ Cathypurry

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