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"It feels like a perfect DAY to dress up like Hipsters. And make fun of our exes. Na na nananana.............. BATMAN!"

I was supposed to finished my NEW freaking slick and simple layout last Wednesday night but our Internet had gone mad. And I'm just happy it's back again! Freaking yeah!

.........Hmmm. I know I know, I should start blogging how MY Magical Teenage Dream Night Went. But I'm still waiting for my photos and videos! And I heard I'm gonna get them later... haha yippeee.

Here's a recap of my previous layout:

Colorful. Imma right Imma right?

All I could say, the party was sick. Sick of surprises! tss... All was perfect except for the host. I wished I hosted my party nalang! Tsk. But all still went well. So thank you everyone! MWAH.

♥ Cathypurry

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