18 Resolution

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Now that I'm 18, I came up with some resolutions. 

Did I mention my BSAC 3 life starts tomorrow?!?
Pressure on my part because I AM NOT READY! I don't even have ANY idea about all these subjects I am taking up! Sure ka Cathy magskwela naka?

I'm so screwed if our professors will ask some review questions. I feel like I'm so left behind! And speaking of getting left behind, I'll be absent this Saturday with our 7:30-9pm class! Way to go Cath -__- (Update! Someone just texted me that there's no class this Sarurday because it's a freaking Charter Day! I'm saaaafe!)

Yes, I know, Why the heck am I not writing aboutnmy awesome night last May 30? Well, I'm still sad about ny laptop in which its LCD broke :(( It happened a day after I got my iPad. Yes my readers, now you know even laptops do have feelings </3 I hope they won't do any formatting there because my fileeess!!!!  And I'm so lazy because a post won't even be enough to describe the night! And I want it to be exclusive only for my guests.

Do you know why there are only few of my friends who uploaded pictures about the party? Because they were so busy watching it! No time for taking pictures! (Weeh? But yes, seriously.)  Though the host was completely (too harsh) boring, the presentations/segments kept my guests entertained. Thanks to me and my friends haha. 

Oh yes, where was I...Ah! Resolutions! Now I think of it, I now feel lazy to share it and want to talk about the party! Argh, the party can wait! 

SUMMER 2013 < SUMMER 2012. But this summer was truly crazzzzyyy. I'm so fed up with the crazy fan girl thingy I had. HAD. Yes. Yesternight, with my deep reflection I realized I FINALLY GOT OUT OF THE HALO.

Too long to share. Bottomline is SKWELA muna bago VEGA. Or SKWELA na, wa nay VEGA. Vega, kiat ba. Last night, I realized how crazy we were. It was an awesome feeling when I finally saw the truth. The truth how we are so blinded before. 

That's it. My resolution. Haha.
Yes, I planned on giving out my 18 resolutions but can't think of anything now. And my room is still freaking messy now. Not really suitable for a studying atmosphere AT ALL. It's so messy that even the cockroaches and rats will stay there! (Haha OA.)

❤ Cathypurry

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