Tuesday, June 11 @ 9:54 PM 
CHRiS EVANS is soooo freaking hottt!!!!!!! I wish I could be with a man like him hahaha. :)))

I know, I know I'm the biggest loser for not seeing this 2011 sweet flick movie tsk. I'm not updated! :(

Anyways, the one thing that struck me the most is this statement, 

"Being inlove means being yourself"

Huh, cliché, right? But when you think about it, we have so many great expectations not only for ourselves but also of the people around us. We may have what we wanted but the question is, are we really happy? That statement struck me like a lightning because truly, this is not all about love. It can also be about the path we are going through. Are we really truly ourselves?

The protagonist of the movie works at a finance company. Well, she was fired. And when asked what she really want to do, she replied she likes to sculpt. Buuuuuut I'm not really saying anything. Well not really pointing out things. Just like my professor told us that, "if you're already in that situation then just do your best out of it" (that's kinda his point).

--------seriousness set aside..

I'm sick! Freaking sick! And we will have our camp in just 3 days! Hopefully this cough, runny nose, headache, and high fever will freakingly subside soon or else I won't enjoy the camp! Or worse, I may not be able to freaking go.

What's the second big dream event that girls look out for? 

You guessed it right, it's the wedding!

Haha, too soon? Well, blame the movie! I know I just had my debut (which is a dream come true for a Filipina by the way) but I want to give out my dream wedding! Yeeey!

So there's portion during my debut #AskCathy. I picked out a paper asking what's my dream wedding and then out of a state of panic I replied a BEACH wedding! LOL. Truth to be told, the best weddings I saw (and I attended, I wish!) was John Estrada's beach wedding! It was so perfect! All was ended with a great mystical display of fireworks! (I bet they spent a million for that wedding.)

But! Because of the movie, I realized and remembered when I was a little girl how I fancy a GARDEN wedding! I remember when I was in elementary we had this assignment to print out gardening uh, layouts. (I forgot the term.) And I realized how crazy and magical it owuld be if I marry my love abroad in the most perfect garden wedding ever. (More on like Alice In Wonderland style?) But I'm so inspired with 'What's your number' wedding style. 

Remember the movie Bride Wars? I'd love to get married in June! But I don't wanna have a double wedding! (Which it didn't really haooen in the movie) But I want to get married on THAt actual place! Wait, Imma google this place.......

Ah! At the Plaza Hotel <33 

Uh, really? I'm gonna get married in a hotel? 

Depends if it's the actual Hollywood scenery <33 haha.

But what could compete with the traditional Church Wedding?? :))

Basilica Church? :))

Uh yes, how about my guests then? Will they have the budget to fly? Haha. BUT who needs them when you could only have your family and your husband to be on the event? Haha.

But is that what I really want? Am I really happy?
That is the question.

Let's find out 10-12 years from now! 

PS. I hope blogger would not be closed at 2023/2025 because I would not be able to see this!

On the next post. I'll feature my ideal (realistic) husby material. Maybe 5 years from now! Heheehehehe. Time machine please! 

UPDATE:  Oh shizt, I think I just envisioned the place where I'll possibly wed. Dammit. Usually when I think of something, it comes true! Like my debut! Oh well (for the garden wed though). I don't wanna say it because maybe it will come true and it won't be a surprise! 

Hmm... It's a beautiful garden @ Davao. 

❤ Cathypurry

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Sunday, June 9 @ 7:49 PM 

Now that I'm 18, I came up with some resolutions. 

Did I mention my BSAC 3 life starts tomorrow?!?
Pressure on my part because I AM NOT READY! I don't even have ANY idea about all these subjects I am taking up! Sure ka Cathy magskwela naka?

I'm so screwed if our professors will ask some review questions. I feel like I'm so left behind! And speaking of getting left behind, I'll be absent this Saturday with our 7:30-9pm class! Way to go Cath -__- (Update! Someone just texted me that there's no class this Sarurday because it's a freaking Charter Day! I'm saaaafe!)

Yes, I know, Why the heck am I not writing aboutnmy awesome night last May 30? Well, I'm still sad about ny laptop in which its LCD broke :(( It happened a day after I got my iPad. Yes my readers, now you know even laptops do have feelings </3 I hope they won't do any formatting there because my fileeess!!!!  And I'm so lazy because a post won't even be enough to describe the night! And I want it to be exclusive only for my guests.

Do you know why there are only few of my friends who uploaded pictures about the party? Because they were so busy watching it! No time for taking pictures! (Weeh? But yes, seriously.)  Though the host was completely (too harsh) boring, the presentations/segments kept my guests entertained. Thanks to me and my friends haha. 

Oh yes, where was I...Ah! Resolutions! Now I think of it, I now feel lazy to share it and want to talk about the party! Argh, the party can wait! 

SUMMER 2013 < SUMMER 2012. But this summer was truly crazzzzyyy. I'm so fed up with the crazy fan girl thingy I had. HAD. Yes. Yesternight, with my deep reflection I realized I FINALLY GOT OUT OF THE HALO.

Too long to share. Bottomline is SKWELA muna bago VEGA. Or SKWELA na, wa nay VEGA. Vega, kiat ba. Last night, I realized how crazy we were. It was an awesome feeling when I finally saw the truth. The truth how we are so blinded before. 

That's it. My resolution. Haha.
Yes, I planned on giving out my 18 resolutions but can't think of anything now. And my room is still freaking messy now. Not really suitable for a studying atmosphere AT ALL. It's so messy that even the cockroaches and rats will stay there! (Haha OA.)

❤ Cathypurry

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Friday, June 7 @ 7:10 AM 
"It feels like a perfect DAY to dress up like Hipsters. And make fun of our exes. Na na nananana.............. BATMAN!"

I was supposed to finished my NEW freaking slick and simple layout last Wednesday night but our Internet had gone mad. And I'm just happy it's back again! Freaking yeah!

.........Hmmm. I know I know, I should start blogging how MY Magical Teenage Dream Night Went. But I'm still waiting for my photos and videos! And I heard I'm gonna get them later... haha yippeee.

Here's a recap of my previous layout:

Colorful. Imma right Imma right?

All I could say, the party was sick. Sick of surprises! tss... All was perfect except for the host. I wished I hosted my party nalang! Tsk. But all still went well. So thank you everyone! MWAH.

♥ Cathypurry

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