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UPDATE: | 5/23/13

Hello my dear beautiful/handsome reader! How was your day? Mine is fi-i-iiine.
After the intense reflection of what I want and need I already have the answers! Well, not all.

  • coffeemaker!
  • ice crusher
  • speakers! (bluetooth/sd card/cord line for phones!)
  • casing sa iPad (kay feel nako naa nay mag gift sa ako og iPad hehe)
  • several casing for my phones too! (BBM 9300 curve and SGY S5360)
  • Oven Toaster please!
  • Bakery Set!
  • Accounting needs (I desperately want a 2year supply of columnar pads)
  • Casio Scientific Calculator fx-570ES please?
  • CD radio player 
  • Beats by Dre (yehaaa)
  • School Supplies please
  • Car
  • Get Serenaded hehe (Beautiful Soul Please? *)
  • HIGH QUALITY NA EARPHONES FOR MY MOBILE PHONES PLEASE! Kanang dili puchu2 kai puchu2 man gud ako.  IN NEED. here. desperately. 
  • Lingerie. HAHA.
  • MANY SHADES Eye Shadow Make Up
  • MAC cosmetics make up set. (Ever Bilena/Avon/Maybeline is okay)

That's all for now. HAHA. Mwah.

♥ Cathypurry

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