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It's been a crazy week for me. I feel like a superstar. An artist. A STAR.

My birthday is coming up!
Evidently supported by my countdown! (*Looks to the left counter*)

Soooo. I don't really want to spoil but I have been grabbing my dreams as if it will be my last. Well, that's the basic uhhh, motto, right?

Last Sunday, I just had my photoshoot. It was a great pleasure working with some of the great people! --Hence, in the name of Photography, HMUA, and Stylist.

 I don't really want to disclose them yet because I want it on my birthday to be announced for a total package. Teehee.

Anyways, THE CAAAAAAAR. Tsk. Just confirmed they can't buy it yet because of the bucks bucks bucks parteeey. Tsk. I guess I still can't ride a car in my first day of school as a Third Year Accountancy Student! Hahaiii. I'm still hoping for some sponsorship of an Apple iPad, pretty please? Well yeah, Samsung is okay but I got so many Androids at home! I think it's time to have a MAC-OS for a change!

By the way, I'll be posting later on; my wish lists! Spoilers!
HAHAHA. (Sorry you can't relate.)

Oh, the songs. I'm currently having my lss with the Thrift Shop and OMG.

Too much words. Here's one official release of my photoshh. :)

Maulaw tong cgeg pananaway sa akoa haha. BLEH.
Okay I look weird there actually, my bilbil and my mouth is kinda distracting. And the photo is not in HD. But don't worry I changed for a total of......... TADAAAH. 6 outfits.


♥ Cathypurry

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