Just Give Me A Reason

by - 8:38 PM

How amazing can a message be? In one blink of an eye it turns your mood upside down. No matter how great your day went, at the end of the day that message still matters. No matter how happy you felt this day, it still ended up you crying for an hour. 

For what reason did this message do to make you suffer? How great did this damage cost that you lose the strength to move on?

I wanted to call but I don't want to lose in the end. Hearing you rejecting at the last minute will make me sad. Anger and frustration is what I feel inside. Jealousy from those people whom you've attended who's not even worth of what we have. I wanted to scream from how you made me feel so betrayed. I wanted to run on how you made it all so unfair.

Why'd you have to go and warned at the last minute of the time. Less than a week how you've gone and completely turned your back. For what cost does it take you to attend at my very precious day? I have so many plans that will even have you get a special treatment at this event. Way back three years ago I have even already made a speech. That includes you on how you made me complete.

Do you know how hard it is to type right now? With blurry visions, clogged and runny nose, and even this quick breathing that made me feel I'm having an asthma attack. Since my ride home I've been secretly weeping in the car. I tried to held on but have been overridden  by this emotion. Heavy rains were falling and so was my tears. Tears that have fallen because you will not be here.

All I could say, please think it over. Because I could never forgive you nor even forget on how you made me suffer.

I'd loved you to come for whatever reason you have. You should have put in your mind how special this is to remember. Whatever decision you make I can never control you. But know this, it would never be the same without you. You should have seen me now on how terrible I  look like. No one have ever made me feel this way only you.

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