Beautiful Goodbye

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This is a very quick random post. But as you can see, Maroon 5's my artist of the month! Or week...

And I am such a fan of Adam and Anna! Why did they broke up? Out of all Adam's girl, she was the best. She's perfect. She's everything!

So as I was listening to their song, Beautiful Goodbye. I can't help but think how Adam have loved her so much but it still ended with this freaking beautiful goodbye.

Relate? Well, do I? Hmm... Maybe these lines: (lyrics edited)

"And I remember your eyes were so bright,
When I first met you, I'm so in love that night.
But now I'm kissing these tears goodbye.
And I can't take it,
How you're a terrible maaaan.
So this is a Goodbye~"

Made an impact but good gracious, not the WHOLE song. :)


What was your first reaction?

Well to be honest, in the last episodes of season 8 it kinda go from WOOT! to ...............
And this only summed up when I saw the mother.
Kinda go a downhill for this one...

I didn't say she's ugly but that X-Factor that us, watcher, wants were not met at all.
It felt like a shortage where the Demands of the people were so great but the Supply was uh.

And yes, I do understand the reason they chose her. Because she's both mixed with Lilly and Robin. I understand. BUT everyone was expecting more.

I mean, like I was expecting a huge star. I don't care if she was old like the Charlie's Angel's comeback of Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz. Or even, I was kinda hoping it was Jennifer Aniston. Okay, I know what you're thinking.... But damn, I want their generation!

No enigmatic charisma of "WHATTHJSHEAFLWIEC R!!!!!!!!" emotions there. It was all, "WTF."


No conclusions. END.

♥ Cathypurry

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