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""Turning 18 is a once in a lifetime experience and sharing that milestone with your family and friends would be wonderful....
It's a chance to become a princess/star for one night!" - From "DEBUT --ADVANCE"(6:51PM), 10/01/2011

It has been a rough week in our Family. And honestly, it was/is my lowest point ever in my life. But despite all this, my family never failed to support me. I have imagined, planned, thought many sinful  activities BUT because of them (family and friends) I have been relieved.

Everyone, it is really true that you must surround yourselves with others when you are depressed. I've never felt so hopeless and even my spiritual life is at its pitfall. It has been a very emotional week. 

But you know what? 

My father said, "Gang, musta man? Maski unsa mahitabo, we will support you!
Sheee+. After all through this? Why Papa, why? I don't deserve this! 

Even my mother said, "Pero wala sai car ha? But ang debut padayon japun! Once in a lifetime ra baya na!"
Sheee+. Mama, why do you do this to me???

And from there, cross my heart, I finally understood what love really is. That our parents truly love us. At so many point, I did doubted the love. But because of this incident, it was all steered clear. Also from that, I finally understood why Papa Jesus' sacrifice for our salvation made a huge impact to everyone. 

Don't get me wrong. The pursuance of the party was not the reason which paved way of my realization. There are so many things to be said but typing it would not be enough. All I could say, my parents never failed to support me, never failed to make me feel their love. The fear of having 'the talk' was not so bad at all. And I've always hated being emotional around them, but it can't be help. And again, it was not bad at all.

My parents are my world. If I lose them, I'll also lose myself. It's only us three in CDO, and we don't really have anyone but ourselves. Don't get it? Well, in my whole life, there is no one I completely trust but only my parents. They are my greatest courage and my greatest fear. 

Dammit, I was supposed to have a light, fun post about my upcoming debut! I know this would just result to this. 

But sadness set aside, I want to thank you myself for posting this 1 and a half year ago! I knew this would be a great help! Thank you me! :)

♥ Cathypurry

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