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Warning: A rather entertaining post but honestly it's emotional! Wahehehe. Jk. Or.... am I?


"Why so down? Valentines is not all about the relationship between a man and a woman. But it is also about commemorating the love of your family and friends!"

- Sh!t (forever-alone) people say

Second week of February is a hell-week. And no, I'm not (only) talking about Valentines but (also) our Semi-finals in the University! Income tax, y u have so many pages? And I also have to catch up with my Philo! Damn, it's hell all right.

On the other side of the sufferings, NMYBC PART TWO COMING UP THIS SATURDAY! WOOOOHW! AND CULMINATING NIGHT IN JPIA! (Though, I have to skip our make-up class in Accounting. Sigh. And we have our final ROTC exam in the morning.) You know what they say, save the best for last!

Valentines, valentines, valentines. When will I ever have a Valentine? Essey, padungog2x. Basin next year naa na? Perhaps... or maybe, NEVER. T______T.

As what I said before:
"Will you be my Valentine? "Said no one to me EVER.
"May I be your Valentine?" Hopeful ME forever.

Never have been given a flower (I think o.o). Never have been courted (surely). Never have been on a date (perhaps? :P). Never have been liked back by a crush (hahaha I think). -(alang, 'pangarap ka na lang ba' man pud ang pilion.)

Unsa pa may i.rant? Hala sige, pagawas!
Beh, *confession Cathy mode* when I was in Elementary and Highschool, I promised myself that I'll find someone in College yada,yada,yada~. And actually, that's one of my mission (haha!). Still on second year though, got two more years to go! And that meaaaaaaans,  I still have a long way to go. *Expect the unexpected* daw. Hala ka, unsa kaha ba? Este, kinsa kaha ba? Will I ever attain and counterattack my fourth *never have been* statement? Will I ever reach my dreams and goals and life? Will I ever go to abroad? Will I ever have a British boyfriend? Will I ever date Andrew (from Asia's next top model) or any hot model? Will I ever get rich? HAHAHAHA.

But it all boils down to the fourth 'never have been' statement. NYAHAHA. Dreams do come true man diba?

Wait where was I, ah yes, we were talking about Valentines. Hey, I'm not bitter! Because I'm not alone, I'm also with my friends! Forever-alone friends pud! HAHAHA. So I'm not that bitter, I think. And I'm positively, absolutely, definitely sure, I'M NOT ALONE! AND I KNOW KA RELATE KA! (But, just, forever-alone. Haha)


♥ Cathypurry

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