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What a fulfilling moment to start the New Year!

Friday Night, I finished editing our Travelogue with the Bloopers!
But, it was 12 am already and I still need to go to school by next day because....


Sooooo, at first, I thought this "cup" would jam-packed the whole Little Theater with the High School students. Little did I know that we only invited Six Schools with their Five representatives to participate in this event. I was saddened at first (lol), but in the End I waaaaaaas very very so so so much Happy!

The event started 9:00AM (actually, 9:30) and will supposed to end at 3:00PM. Guess what? It ended at 5:00PM! LOL. Good thing the people behind LT didn't throw us out HAHA.

So this is my co-host, Mami Shaula.

The speakers in the Morning. :)

Lunchtime. First time in the Berchman Lounge! Bwahaha. Uhm, that is the exclusive guest room in Magis Canteen.

Didn't have a chance to take a pic with the first two speakers in the afternoon. But it was a great pleasure to have a pic with our last, very entertaining, speaker Dr. Bicbic!

Forgive the lady in red for being vain. :))

With team 1 :3

Team 4 :")

Team 2 :}

Team 3 :']

Team 5 ^^

The crying smiley signifies the unforgettable team I had because they are the only two teams out of six who didn't have a chant! HAHA. Didn't had the chance to take a pic with the Team 6 because I was shy. HAHA. They were the Mentors of the delegates!

Though I must say, they were really impressive. Because out of the scrap materials we gave them, they were able to make a useful product and to think, they market it very well! :"D

Check the full album: FB

Aside from the fun time we had, I seriously gained a lot of knowledge in the business market. The speakers did their job well. As a business accountancy student, it gave me a boost and also reminded me how interesting the market is.

It'll be 1 month and 2 weeks before I'll meet them again. As they say, patience is a virtue.

♥ Cathypurry

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