Hatred Poem

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Long time no blog. Been busy around. Been feeling so down. Ain't messing around. At the time of the month, I have been emotional. Those who stammered my way, be careful, watch your back. For a long time, hatred have accumulated. From various people I met, I say screw you. 

The paragraph above seems like a poem to you? Brace yourself for a longer poem just for you. 


Since before, you've been a nuisance
I've never liked you
You don't stand a chance.

'Fate' brought us together,
I hated that plan.
It's been a bummer,
Have felt so damned.

I hate you and always will,
A ----- ------
That I wanted to kill.

Screw you and what you do.
I've never ever liked you,
Let's just be true.

Oh? I'm heartless?
Screw you!
You've given me hell,
In what you do.

 People like you,
Should be banned,
Feelingera, pretentious ka.

I've wanted to -----,
Can't find some plan.
You're so cheap,
Got --------,

Goodbye is all I ask,
Leave me alone,
You're a shallow mask.

What do you need?
Pretentious ----,
You never fit in,
You jealous ----,

You have no boundaries,
I hope you leave,
And my life will be complete.

Cry ----,
I don't care,
Just -- -- --,
Now I don't have to ----,

I'd write some more,
If only words burn,
Until you tore.

Lemme repeat, --- ka?
--- ---, tawag ana.

I hate you so much,
And you --- --- it,
But I'll give you a hint,
You are a freak.

You could maybe woo,
But you'll never be,
One of the trend.

------- sana,
I don't like you,
Don't know how many times,
Repeating I hate you.

------ ka,
------ tika,
------- ka, ------- pa.

Oh I'm cruel?
So do you.
Pretentious ----
I hope it'll be soon.

Sooner you're gone,
Sooner I will
Be happy
And finally relieved.

Dili --- -- --,
Maki - - - ,
Dili - - -
Mang - -,

Hay buhay,
Kanusa pa kaha,
Makawala sa,
Imung kulungan.



Someday, I hope we'll never meet,
I could finally live my life,
----- ---- ----.

See how much I despise you?
Twenty five stanzas just for you.
Sooner or later ---------,
You give me ------.


So, I wrote this  a week ago. What do you think? I know, just pure cruel. When I made that poem, I wasn't only imagining to one person. But it was to all the general people who caused me pain. (Though most of it were just one :P.)  And hey, filtered words doesn't only mean to any curse words. (So... I did have a curse word! lol) But most were filtered to not make it OBVIOUS.  

Now, I honestly feel neutral. But when I'm moody, especially mad, THIS POEM will be my home. Careful what you say and do, I got some poem just for you.

♥ Cathypurry

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