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New post agad!

I'm not gonna let the disturbing experience (see post below)  ruin my perfect week!

Tuesdays and Fridays are my very lucky days.

It has a simple reason and somewhat predictable thing from me. But from those days, I got a good glimpse to almost all of my inspirations. I'm an avid admirer. Barkada dyud nako akong mga barkada. We form a group uh,. . . admirees? Because saying crush is too mainstream. :P

Recently, I got addicted(not that addicted *guilty eyes watching left and right*). Because a friend of mine, let's cover her by the name Celine, added this guy in FB using my account! At first, I was annoyed because I don't really like him -- at first.


Like, 1, 2, 3 BOOM. Wah na. Hulog si Cathy oi. How ironic because just below that tweet, I was sad since I don't have any admiree - - yet.


I GMed my friends. And this is what I would have wanted to tweet. 


LOL. I was about to tweet it when I checked my notif in fb and saw he approved the request Celine made. I'm being a complete feelers but I can not risk tweeting things. You will never know he might got interested to me and stalked me AND AND stumbled in my twitter account. OR OR someone who knows him might think it's him. Note: I haven't endeavored any interest at him - - yet. You will never know ui! Plus, PRAMIS, the name obliviously I wanted to tweet, was his real name too. Wow, God answers prayers quickly and advance! HE HE HE

Do you get the idea what I'm trying to say!?!? 

Bisaya-Eng mode: Ani man gud ni oh, I have always wanted to share Figure 3. Mainly because, I'm reading this book with the same name-titled. It made me realized how nice it is to have your man named it as well. Wala pakoi interest atong gi add ni Celine. And kalimot pa gani ko kinsa iyang name. When I found the notification in fb saying he approved my request, I had a major facepalm. Arghhh. Sa description man gud sa akong dream man, ga coincide pud sa iyaha. Remember, wala pakoi any developed feelings ato nga time. 

See how amazing it was??

This week, tuesday, was when I got insights about him from my friend with the same course as his. Mind you, that it's a group admiree and we call him VAN. Long story.


So from the insights I got, we'll be spending some quality time in the same floor! And today was the day! And my expectations were actually met but better! WEW. Inhale Exhale beh! He's a very very tall man. Proportionate body. Handsome. We actually exchanged looks for secondS!  Uhm, remember my things-to-live-by rule below the post? Well... he's just a number 2. :P

♥ Cathypurry

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  1. I bet your friend Celine is a matchmaker made from heaven.. and hot.

  2. Lol C E L I N E. :PP