Pens and Papers

by - 7:17 PM

Catherine Joy A. Tugap

Date: December 10, 2012
Time: 8:40 P.M.

Pens and papers,
Are my companions now;
Sorrows and griefs
Are expressed somehow.
Urgency to bawl;
Disappointments felt,
Trapped in a box
And aches to yell.
Dreams that were planned,
As bright as a sun,
In one blink of an eye
It was all gone.
Promises made,
Promises broken,
Should have known
But it was too late.
From enthusiastic claims,
'Twas assuring thyself.
To mortified pain,
In disgust with guilt.
To where do one blames
All of thee misfortunes,
As if it was played
Like an illusion.
Soaring high,
Extremes in the sky,
But nothing's left
Only its bitter goodbye.
What happened?
It was going well.
Felt of betrayal,
Calling for farewell.
Hopes are shattered
Of the better future.
Guess, there's a detour
And took the wrong turn.
Though one owes,
A supplementary,
High or low,
Brought satisfactory.
But knowing at an edge,
In a greater consequence.
That soon it will end;
A tragic circumstance.
Being expressionless,
Acting like one could care less,
But truth to be told,
I'm screaming relentless.
No tears have fallen,
No voices have heard,
Pens and papers
Are now my companions.

Selfish acts,
I know, I know
Knowing it will never happen
I feel so low.


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