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Just a fake cover.

How can gays portray a convincing manly roles when guys can't even act one?
HOW COME handsome people, no, a demigod would be like this.
And HOW COME MATT BOMER would be a gay after all. 
A gay guy and 
It truly breaks my heart.

As you may know, I've been obsessing Matt Bomer for awhile. As a matter of fact, if you looked at my previous posts, he is and will always be the epitome of male beauty.

Okay, this post might sound very insensitive because if you must be aware, a TYPHOON will be hitting us here tomorrow or not more, be earlier. It is a tragic but hopefully, a vice versa. Yes, I do feel terrible and WE are now prepared for such incident. But meanwhile, I need to let this out of my system.

MATT BOMER IS GAY. I have stalked him for the first time. And thanks to google, mainly wikipedia, I found out about his partner. At first, all I was interested about was his age and how at huge gaps we could be compatible in some ways. HAHA, I know. We are, right? :P Being 17 and him 35, age doesn't matter!

Now, I was so happy to know where his hometown is but then an ultimate shocking unbearable truth sink in. He has a partner named Simon Halls. At first I was like, "Ha, what kind of a parent would name their daughter Simon? Maybe Simone but it felt manly." Not until I googled his images and Matt's.

I tell you, it's as if I literally heard a plate shattered when I immediately saw the pic. That thing you saw in movies where from an afar angle and you're at the center and it zoomed on you kind-of-thing? It's as if my heart literally stopped and tore apart. It's as if all the visual metaphor of how I feel right now literally - - happened. A flashing light bulb turned off, a glass, flower vase was shot by a gun at slow motion, and a basket of fruit exploded. ALL OF IT at slow motion.

I'm not against gays at all. In fact, I adore and also got obsessed at Neil Patrick Harris by his HIMYM series even when I already knew he was gay. Truly I salute at most celebrity gays who are not afraid and are even proud of they are one. But this feeling of mine from Matt Bomer was beyond exemplary. Well, I just can't believe it. I need some time to absorb all this crazy fan girl shiq. It is like the feeling when Sam Milby and Piolo Pascual where rumored to be gay (not that I accused them of being one) ---- If you are a milby or papa p. fan. 

This shocking revelation hit me liked a fail one of my subject. It hit me like I caught a grenade. It hit me like I threw my hand for a blade. It hit me like I jumped off a train. Okay nuff said.

I need to calm the qwertyui down. Get over it cathy, you can never changed the reality. This is a fandom tragedy. Like Shakespeare's love tragedy. Like Dante's tragic love for Beatrice.

Okay, too much simile, metaphor, and irony used here.




you tell me. 
But there are reasons. T----T

Yes it is Page, yes it is T-------T

//♥ Cathypurry

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