Comments and Christmas

by - 9:49 PM

A pleasant actually... not pleasant evening to you!

Dark side

I feel incomplete ending the school (calendar) year.
If you know what I mean.

And also, my name is ruined. Yikes. Sighhhh. 

But on the bright side of today is:

  • WE saw van on action. (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeet)
  • It was a wrap from all of our project.
  • I finally went to the area exposure with my friends. (knowing I'm a ROTC cadet)

......And TA-DAAH~

I finally enabled my comment box!
I made it a pop up on purpose.
You can finally be free to comment anything you want, be it violent or not
And the best part, you can comment as ANON!

So what are ya waiting for? comment now!

Don't worry I will never ever know who you are.
Please be kind. 

Also, I'll be having some Christmas Playlist!
Don't judge my songs! 
I like Bieber! xD 
And some are non-related to Christmas, like the Jeepney mash-up kind of songs!

Random Fact: I tend to love what people hate, and tend to hate what people love.
But usually, I'm more of a lover than a hater.

Lifetime Dilemma: I like things but they don't like me back.

Anyways I've been LMAO to this pic, not to my face but to uuhm hahaha.
Warning: Scandal Cathy.

♥ Cathypurry

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