Bad Trip

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WARNING: This following post may contain scenes not suitable for sensitive audiences. Watch out for offensive and harsh tones used. I do not held any responsible for any impact and violent reactions. This is my opinion, my post, and my blog. Forgive me. not.

One thing I hate in our place are the standbyers, especially those people who actually have some nerves to talk-- thinking I'm like some cheap girl they can communicate and be some textmate. Don't get me wrong. To better understand what I mean, I'll give you some recent example I experienced when I was going home.

So, I was riding a jeepney with my mother because my father stayed at home exhausted from work. As actual passengers slowly decreases, kabiteros increases. I was sitting near the driver at the opposite side. Two kabiteros sat at the front seat and many other at the back. I've noticed this guy in front shamelessly watching me as if I didn't even know. I was really getting annoyed. He got his barkada-- made fun and disrespected by what they call chix. Until this guy has a huge gut to talk to me! "Taga aha diay ka? Aha ka mubaba? Taga sibyer man ka noh?"

If you're going to think about it; OA cathy ui, nakigstorya lang gani. But think again, do you know how creepy it is for a stranger at night to talk like this? Like WTF, excuse me, who the tuck are you and dared to talk to me?! Being rude, I didn't answer anything and pretended as if I heard nothing. Complete, total snob. If you only knew how bad I was: I was watching him talk and then shifted my eyes to the other side. I believe he was completely humiliated but it serves him right.

Another one, I was riding my bike / biking to buy some stuffs. It was late at night. When I was biking my way home, this somewhat-seemed-like rapist was biking too. He talked: "Hi miss, mangayo ko og number"  Best actress, I am, watched straight ahead (poker face) and paddled faster until I got home. When I looked back at him, he already made a turn. He must have thought I lived afar and took the baiting chance.

This, as usual and a common thing I always encounter everyday. People who walked passed by you in a very uncomfortable close distance whispering, "hi miss / regards ko". Tucking shif. I've always wanted to shout back at them saying, "WOW kung maka regards ka murag unsa ka kagwapo, mura ra baya kag rapist!"

Let me share to you what I am when it comes to situations like this. I will and always find these things very insulting. Guys like them brought shame to men. I feel so disrespected. Horrible, gross, and irritating. Please-forgive-me-from-this-word, I do looked down to those type of people.

What I'm trying to say is that, I, myself, have great standards entertaining people. It might not seem obvious (or maybe it is) I entertain people who I only want to have any connections. Lets say for example, this topic: BOYS/GUYS/MEN. To those who know me, you could say that I have uhm, many crushes? know many boys? (haha umeegat?!) Truthfully speaking when it comes to this thing, my goodness, I set my own standards. I do not entertain/talk to them when they don't meet my standards.

I have a very simple things-to-live-by rules. If you are:
1. Smart
2. Attractive
3. Or, both

Then, you are good to go. Otherwise if you're neither one of them... BYE. UGH, Reminding you of the warning above again? If you have observed people I am with, girls or boys, they do set from my things-to-live-by rule. Hmmm... are you thinking of it now? They do coincide right? YES. Now you know. I set this rule to all the people I have connections with in school. If you're reading this now and you're my friend, from what number do you belong? :) My friend - seems like a very very insensitive thing to say. I maybe really friendly but I kinda choose who I really like to be my friend. If we're not now, don't worry, we still have tomorrow.

IMPRESSIONISM. Back to the topic: guys. Ka-swerte ba sa akong mga crush ui. If it has been rumored, truth or lie, that I bound some interest on a guy. Well, he's a one damned lucky guy! Feeling man kayo ni i-ingun but, I am really particular in liking guys.

 Usually, I get trapped by #2. I always fell at like at first sight. I have high standards for men. Liking one is an honor to the part of the guy. (hilas but) If you're going to observe all of them, they do are #2. But if not, it's sure that he's a #1. Plus plus points if he's a #3 EET. Reminding you of the warning above again.

Anyways, I entertain people if they are interesting to me. Sometimes I feel sad when I'm trying to reach out and they snubbed at me. They missed the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind catziee. BLEH. Bad. Sayang ang opportunity. Tsk tsk tsk. Sometimes hilasan pud ko kay it takes courage and a wholesome confidence to act crazy in front of the people. Neglecting the pride and dignity. And here are some who gives a cold shoulder. Hmm. It's the cycle I guess. I snob who I'm not interested and gets snubbed too. It's a win-win or lose-lose situation.

PERO lahi man gud. argh. Come on, look at me, I have achieved so much and made my own name. I have done gratifying moments if you must know. My best asset is my confidence. I have boost this since I was in elementary. I have and am living as a leader. I do well in school (scholar, honor). A promising editor (layouts and such). Leisure activities (drive, firing, books, write, etc). A good actress (theatre since elementary). I have talents (instruments, gadgets, musical). Hosted varieties of shows since elementary, too (ay alang kung kinder! lol). I can draw (sketch, paint). Good personality (friendly, approachable). Gi-bugaw nako akong self, lol, but what more can you ask for? You want to see my portfolio? Because I have.

Uhm.. Okay, I don't know where I'm going with this. Got carried by emotions, sorry. :P

Bottom line is. I want to be respected. If you want to make me think highly of you, then think highly of me too. I have standards. I am not some lowly piece of thit. I am not someone you find from ukay-ukay. I am limited edition. Do not expect you could get anything from me. Reminding you of warning above again.

Please put to mind as how I write this post. I am directly speaking to those vicious fools.

/ Cathypurry

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