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Brace for the NEW look of Cathy!
With my KC-inspired hairstyle, short blondish hair.
And I got fat, I mean, my face got chubbiER. T--T


My whole world shattered into pieces when I received my midterm grades in Accounting. ACD.
It was not because I haven't understood and failed to answer the exam, but because I had a technical error that I had low score and grade! Not Following Instructions man gud si Cathy! If I had followed, I'd be one of the students in our class to get high scores! I know, OUCH.


I received my final grades, and BOOM. GOT A- in Accounting. BOOYA!


Went to the TUGAP hometown, Davao. Flew their by solo. Oh yeah, I loved it. And I toured around the city like one of the tourist and definitely living life at its peak! Party baby, party!


Summer Class ACA! At first I thought it would be such a bummer but it turns out, 
Out of all the semesters I had, summer was the best! (No, we don't have trimesters, but you get my point.) Who wouldn't? I think it would be my first and last experience to taste a FLAT 4 in my College Grade History. Note, QPI 4 is the highest mark in our school. 

And I also turned Seventeen. Lucky? I don't think so. 
Social Life would be: 9/10
Academics bombed down to 0. or 1.


Woooooooow, I'm a second year. Hurray. (Sarcasm) ACB.
Got offered with many projects and clubs etc. YEY. (not Sarcasm)


The start of the fallout of Catherine Tugap. NOOO.
That was because, I got focused more on the extra-curricular stuffs and left my Academics. T--T. Yes, that is one of my First World Pain. I can't balance stuffs and my discipline level is very looow.


What happened in August? Hmmm, I don't remember learning anything and have been partying all night long nooo.


THE PEAK of my social life and the plunge/bottom/base of my academic life. So many things happened! Wew. Imma singing like, "So what we get drunk~ (I don't drink), So what we smoke weed~ (NEVER in the name of God!), we're just having fun and we don't care who sees. blahblah, living young and wild and free." Basta, you get what I mean. 


Pitfall of Academic Life.


Accepted the fate.
And now have changed.
Focused again, I'll try not to get distracted ever again. Back to my old blockmates! Back to being an ACA! Ahhhh.


LE PRESENT. Highlight? Learning to recover and being happy without partying.

Wow, wow, wow.
Three Years passed for my BLOOOOG! Celebrate! Cheers!
Thank you to you reader for taking time to read up my random thoughts, from serious to stupid ones. Another year has passed and another year will come. 

I hate it when people say, "2013 be good to me." Why? Close mo sa year??
Sorry, but for me, all is done with Prayers. Prayers in Action. 
I pray for all of us to live our day productively. And at night we then we ask ourselves, "Is this what I want now 5 years back?"

That would be it. Cheers!
1 hour to go and I still haven't prepared! Time to rock the house tonight!

Truly Yours,
Catherine Joy Aparicio Tugap

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