Tuesday, November 27 @ 11:23 PM 


The epitome of my beauty is evident on my 3rd-4th year in HIGHSCHOOL. 
College-me, what happened???

November 27, 2012

This was a very tiring yet fully stuffed (from all sorts of foods) day!
We went somewhere for our project and now, my feet hurts like the reciprocal of heaven!
But most importantly, I am excited for our XAVIER DAYS! 
Even though, A LOT OF QUIZZES will be piling up next week.
welcome. college.






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Monday, November 26 @ 6:28 PM 

Catherine Joy A. Tugap

Daming nagsabing ako'y may gusto,
Ilang tuloy ang nararamdaman mo.
Ngayon kasi alam nang mga tao,
Ako tuloy hindi makapag-tanto.
Kala ko ba'y isa lang laro,
O, kay saklap ng isineryoso.
Char, ano ba, para namang totoo,
Roow, 'wag ngang magpaloko.
Utang na loob, ang hirap pigilan,
Sa mga tuksong ayaw iwanan.
Hangga't kailan bang magiging ganito,
Chismis na puro lamang biro.
Ganyan, ganyan nga ang nakuha,
Eh kasi, nagpapadala.
Tuloy ang biro hindi mabura,
'Sang leksyon nga ang nakuha.

LOL. I made this around 5am this morning out of boredom. I realized it's been awhile since I last made a poem. I started having my compilations last September, this year, in my orange-thinking-notebook. YES, ladies and gentlemen, I am a poet myself. Problem? :)

Issue about the poem: It's honestly just a cover up. I'm just framed up. But it's okay though, the teasing, because it's not true anyway. But I'm just disturbed when I just knew how oblivious I am to the whole situation. The fact that I am greeting people and wonder why some gets awkward around by knowing a random-misunderstood-framed-up-talks. -Amidst an optimistic Cathy that turns out to be a misunderstood Cathy all along. Sigh. hash-tag #INA. HAHAHAHA.

Updates in my university life:
  • Xavier Days this week!
  • Accumulated/Lump-sum quizzes next week.
  • Happy with our permanent teacher in Economics, Ms. Almaden. (She made Economics a whole lot better!)
  • Hectic schedules during Vacation due to Projects.
  • I love my Accounting Teacher, Sir Salinas! :')

♥ Cathypurry

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Friday, November 23 @ 5:31 AM 
I randomly read sites but then I stumbled upon this site in which they reconsider Ryan GOSLING to portray as Christian Grey. WTF! I have never imagined Ryan EVER. And if he will portray it, I will always see him as a PSYCHO, always.

Producers can't you see who we want?! CAN'T YOU SEE! EVERYONE DEMANDS THEM!

Ian Somerhalder.





This is simply a useless blog post explaining how I never imagined nor wanted Ryan for Christian Grey. Simply, this is a tribute for you Ryan. You'll always be a PYSCHO for me ♥ All Good Things. Not even Noah in The notebook nor Dean in Blue Valentine. (Though he still acts like David [All Good Things] in BV)

♥ Cathypurry

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Monday, November 19 @ 11:00 PM 

November 18, yesterday, I had my last update exactly two years ago in Tumblr!
I don't know what happened tonight, out of boredom maybe? I returned to that site.
I got it tweaked-out to a much much... hipster-lol-simple theme.

Visit the site now!

♥ Cathypurry

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Friday, November 16 @ 8:30 PM 
"“It has shown me that everything is illuminated in the light of the past. It is always along the side of us, on the inside, looking out.”" - Alex

A quick review:

I was having my usual meal for the night, watching TV, and definitely bored until I stopped in this particular channel which is showing this movie: Everything is Illuminated.

I normally just change the channel after a few minutes when I get bored watching it. If you'll watch the movie now, you'll definitely be one too. But there is something, some calling, that leave me watching it for almost 3 hours. It was supposed to be another routinary night for me but not tonight! How the story progresses, made a big impact on my life and my perception to the horrifying holocaust.


It is a journey in search of a Jewish grandmother who long died during the awful holocaust in World War II.   As they go on, old memories were relived. Past experience are remembered. Jonathan is played by Elijah Wood and Alex by Eugene Hutz.

In the beginning  the atmosphere felt so Gothic and gives you an idea that it looks like a suspense, horrific film but the turn-about of the event made it so meaningful.

It was the most satisfying movie I have ever encountered. So many unexpected twists.  The journey that started with full of doubts and regrets turned out into a meaningful one with various revelations.

At first I thought that Jonathan wrote the book but in the end, I was dumbfounded to know it was Alex all along. The plot was excellent.

Alex's Grandfather was buried just right beside the monument by 1,024 Trachimbrods killed during the Nazi invasion.


I have so many whereabouts. I have came to a realization and was awaken how brutal the holocaust was. Thinking the stories of the survivors made an impact to me. It was as if by a moment, I was Illuminated too. I rate the movie 8/10.

I think I have an idea what I am going to paint in our English Class. (Just Kidding). 
That is Alex's Grandfather's dog.

PS. Seeing Trachimbrod and its surroundings was breathtaking. And that is Alex.


♥ Cathypurry

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Wednesday, November 14 @ 10:42 AM 

Matt Bomer.

♥ Cathypurry
Sunday, November 11 @ 12:55 AM 

Today we were supposed to have a window shopping but didn't expect that it would end up like this again.

Too tired for details. Here are some random numbers, lol.
The cost was so big that going concern is already hard for us. 

♥ Cathypurry
Tuesday, November 6 @ 6:39 PM 
Sheldon being Sheldon.

I know I should be studying but a little lax and leisure wouldn't hurt right? 
While waiting for the latest-that-takes-too-long-to-air HIMYM episode, here I am watching the latest BBT ep. Sitcoms never fails to make me laugh.

On the other side of the story, the Second Sem has just began!
And so far, the new sub/permanent professor in Economics ruined our almost-perfect academic teachers all in all. Life is unfair.

//♥ Cathypurry
Thursday, November 1 @ 9:58 PM 


♥ Cathypurry


@ 8:34 PM 

I Knew You Were Trouble right from the start and yet I fell from one of your traps. 
Glad it was over.

♥ Cathypurry