Skip Beat

by - 8:09 PM

My heart skipped a beat when Siwon looks like......
And my whole two-day vacation is consumed by this tv series called Skip Beat!
Now back to reality.....

Wait, wait. I'm definitely unsatisfied with the ending! I think Mr. Lian is the best example of a T-O-R-P-E guy! I hope there's a part two for this because the fifteen episodes is not enough to satisfy all my questions in the story!

The part 2 should include the blooming relationship of Gong Xi and Lian. Next is the comeback of  Bu Po Shang. And maybe some twist with Qin? I want some love square peopleee!

Rotten Cathy  (tomatoes, get it?) rates it 8/10 for leaving the viewers dissatisfied. HMMMP.

♥ Cathypurry

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