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After the GTKY activity, which ended around 9pm, it was time for us to rest first for our big day the next day. But as we all know, "rest" means time to party! 

We karaoke-d for a few minutes (lol). 
We thought it was free, but we had to pay/sink 5 pesos! 
(we are not that rich you know! :P)

Then we had our little food (packed) trip! 
yummy moby me love, and also nova.

But the next two hours was spent privately for our "chika" with Ate Tecla, Mich, and Natalie. I got so many insights from that 4on4 talk. While others were partying, we talked until the others started to sleep like around 11pm. Somehow we finished the "talk" and then we joined our other friends.

Around 12 am, all the people went to their rooms and 5-6 of us, stayed outside and talked 'till 1 am for some "horror" stories daw. But it still ended up with another topic. (if you know what I mean).

It was freaking cold! We felt that we lived across another country and sht, it was freaking scary! The place was already silent..... and no kidding, fogs were everywhere. Also, add up to those, were the freaking chimes! shhhhhhhhht I'm already scared at typing this now. gaaah, I hate the photo, I'm scared of watching it, I think a ghost will appear pagkadugayan. WATCH OUT. fuuu. HAHAHA.

Anyways, on the bright side, I introduced to them a little game called "Never Have I Ever". Somehow
they enjoyed it and even dubbed it as a controversial game. rofl. It was getting really cold and I got two 
blankets on. Damn, it was scary!

OKAY, Next day, NEXT DAY!!!!

A loud voice and annoying siren woke us up! :) And guess what, it was cold. And what challenged me was, the shower. Everyone was like, "goodluck", "you're gonna take the shower?". When I went to the comfort room to brush my teeth, that first drop of water gave me the chills! It was like this electrical bolt who went to my fingers and all over through my body. And then I decided that I would not take a shower. 

But, when an opportunity strikes, you should immediately grab it. So that's what happened just this morning, I was glad nobody used the other cubicle and then it was my big chance and a great great challenge. Life as we know it is so different from what you think and how you do it. I thought it was as cold as an iceberg but it was just an ice. (hehehehe) 

After our breakfast we had our meeting/talk//report. And from there I had known, it was mostly about the evaluation JUD pala. We were introduced by the student coucil structure, all the organization, the first semester accomplishment report, and etc.

A lot of talks, pictures/photoshoot, and food in the morning.

murag true hehe

And BAM, in the afternoon, it all began...........
But when fun was about to begin, that is when my camera was being the biggest loser gadget ever. (it died)

Our last activity was all about GAMES, GAMES, GAAAAMES!

We were all divided into three (3) groups, and ours was called team GG!




Believe it or not, out of the three games, all groups were the winner!
First game went to Group 2, Team Goodie! (The Pinoy Henyo)

Second game went to Group chedeeeng,... 1, Team GG! (Hand relay game: Paper, Ballpen, Eraser!)

Third game was a verrrrrrrry, I tell you, verrrrry close fight between us, 1 and 3! (connect-last word song game thing) The group 3's very last counter attack for us was the song Toxic of Spears. Last word of the verse was toxic, and we should provide another song that starts with the word toxic. Toxic?!?! I know right?! It was hard. But damn, it was in the tip of my tongue! I knew a song which consist of toxic and I was shouting, "quick! I know this in a Lady Gaga song!" And 10s was not enough to refresh my mind. So, we lose. awwww. My friends knows this and it was kinda bad, (but hey, I had a good sportsmanship at that time), I'm a sore loser. I just can't afford to lose you know!? HAHAHA

That's the only pic I have with Team GG :(
Last pic was when my camera was being a loser and was about to die.
But never fear! Because others have it! yey!

Part 3, to be continued..........

♥ Cathypurry

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