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1 hour ago, I just safely arrived here at home from my journey in Malitbog, Bukidnon -Monte Shanna's Farm.

To sum up my experience, it was awkward, FUN, awesome, delightful, priceless, and great!

It was awkward at the very first, when I went to XU. It was about 9:45am when I arrived in the campus. And I really though that the departure time was 10am (well thanks a lot Harold =.= hahaha). So to my surprise, we're still few in the council office! Anyways, before I decided to join the camp, a part of me knew that I will be kinda out of place because I had no idea who will join. Actually, I only knew two people (Harold and Ron) plus one (Ate Tecla). So...................................... fast forward, we went out to buy foods and Harold's friends kept coming one by one so you know, I was kinda getting op. But nonetheless, they were friendly somehow! :) After that we went back to the school and we had a few, primary, introductory program (activity). Overall, it was fun but I was still op though (especially on the lunch part!). On the bright side, because of that I started reading a new book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

And tedeeeng, the most awaited part. Departure time! The activity ended around 3pm. And then we got out to go in our respective van/jeepney. There were two vehicles used and I went for the van. :D But, my geed, we waited for almost an hour! (too long to explain) And off we go! 

You know what, since I felt so out of place during the afternoon and kept thinking why the heck did I signed up for this?? I could have been so relaxed in the house that time. But then again I went back to the basics. Why am I doing this? What will benefit me? (it's up for you to answer it)

So let me give you a background from where we are actually going and how FAR it really was:

As you can see in the figure above, we have the XU located on the left side and then our destination on the right side. 

Malitbog Bukidnon is not the typical place, from the notion of Bukidnon, where one travels through Puerto (as seen on the left). We actually went for the more faster, short-cut road in Santa Ana, Tagoloan.

See how far it was?!?!

It was a two (2) hour drive from XU to Shanna's. And men, I tell you, it was one heck of a ride. Let's be realistic, we know that there are many rebels around Mindanao and sabi "daw" marami doon sa Malitbog. Also add this up by the fact the we went through the most curviest dark forest with a little human beings around quarter to six pm. Those horrific fogs and silent roads. Those typical scenes you see in a horror movie where a group of barkadas goes on in a joyride and ends up with a dead-engine car and thus, the hunt will begin. ----LOL. Such a coward. But seriously, we did felt that BUT then again, our love and trust for God never subsided!

Honestly, my expectations for the place are not met (lol). I got those thoughts that the place was big. Much like those places in our recollection in the university. But time passes by and you quickly get used to it and the great thing here is, it was magical in the morning. :")

I made a lot of friends, food was great, and above all, the second part of the activity was the best!

I love those three girls in the uppest pic. 
Meet Nathalie Lumagbas (left) and Michelle Perez (right). ♥
We just "clicked" ya know? :)

Next, the GTKY Activity! (Getting to know you, if you don't know :P) 

Let me explain this activity, you have your corresponding number. (a total of 36-37? in our activity). You are given a bondpaper, you write your name and designated number, and then you passed it to the person on your right. We formed in circle. And that person must write his first impression to you. Negative on the left side, and postive on the right side of the paper. I honestly don't like this kind of activity because I may look so optimistic but inside, I'm a pessimistic. I did expect to get a lot of negative impressions than the positive. I half-expected it would be "arte, gapanipat, feeling" like that. But you know what? All of it was turned around when I received my paper and tadaaaaaaaa :") it left me speechlessly happy.

 When I received the paper, I didn't really read the positive side first, I immediately went for the negative and I was surprised that the thing I expected wasn't there. Like, Whyyy?

Next, I think I know why most of the negative thing is "serious" (lol). Remember my story when I was so OP and I was reading the book? Yeah, I believe it was that part hahaha. I am glad actually, naai nag effort mag design og biggie font in serious oh! :"D Whoever you are, Hellloooo!

Third, I am disturbed by the OA comment :( 
Not because I was insulted, but because, 
I believe it was placed in the wrong side! HAHAHA! I was freakingly amused by this my gaas :") 

Fourth, SILENT? SILENT?!?!?! I mean..... SILENT?!?! Reallly? hahhaaha. Yeah, I believe it was connected by the "serious" comment rofl!

Last, all I could say is, AWWWW :") I never expected this, like EVER. I was practically crying inside when I read their impressions. What did I do to deserve those things? I can feel the love. lablablab ♥

 And I thought that was all of it until I looked at the back. 
Naa pa diay pahabol?

awww, naai nag effort og write sa likod
And yes, I am... number Thirteen.

Part 2, to be continued....................

  ♥ Cathypurry

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