Pride and Prejudice

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Warning: Ironicity overload.
And no, I am not attacking anyone.
.......Maybe I am. Not.

So I have a story about how this girl liked a guy. And how this guy, maybe, liked the girl. But this guy keeps on giving mixed signals and likewise, the girl might be giving some too. At first the girl disliked the guy because of his big ego but as she knew the guy, she learned he wasn't that bad after all. As you can see, the girl prejudged the guy.  But the situation is here, they are stuck by some "social" pressure. It is hard for them to make any moves and as much as it is, they both have high prides. 

Stuck with what the people will say, they control themselves. Even though how much they want to spend time with each other, they can't do it. But both might be mistakenly identified pride as shy but either way, it still remains, they could not contain themselves.  A lot of chances were given but they were both a coward. But because maybe THIS guy, is so pathetic and as a Filipino term would say, torpe. 

Chickenheads. Not one of them want to uhh, confess? No, not the right term. Not one of them want to make any first moves? Maybe the girl did tried... a lot. Or maybe this guy did too. But knowing each of their own "expectations", not one wants to take down their armor. Both gives a hint but both does not even take it. Circumstances grew them closer.

I say, both are afraid they would be disappointed. Both are afraid to take the risk. Both does have high prides. Both wants to play this game. The game of who-could-act-that-they-care-less. Well one say, bring it on.

------------ And that is the story of Pride and Prejudice. THE PRESENT.


At one instance of their life, fate brought them together. The guy could no longer control himself. And he confessed his love for the girl. But during those times, the girl still prejudged the guy and declined it. (It was emotional.) It was a big disappointment, a big punch, a big kick, a big face-to-the-ground to the guy. (I knew it, thought the guy. [imaginary and pure opinion]

The story develops, and the girl realized she was mistaken. And they lived happily ever after. THE END.
(HAHAHA bitter!)

------------- And that is the story of Pride and Prejudice. IF-ONE-OF-THEM-WOULD-LOWER-THEIR-PRIDE.


PS. Sorry for the uber spoiler.

And PPS. I still believe, a true dalagang Filipina is shy and secretive about her real feelings for a suitor and denies it even though she is really in love with the man. 

Are you afraid that girls would turn down your love? Well I say, take the risk you idiot. You will never know. 

♥ Cathypurry

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