One Day

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 “If on Saint Swithin's Day, it doth rain, something, something, something remain.” 
- Dexter Mayhew, 1981

Emma: I can't believe I'm actually here with you.
Dexter: Why?
Emma: Hmm?
Dexter: Why?
Emma: When we were at university, before we spoke even, I had a crush on you. Ridiculous, I know.
But when we almost did it that night, I couldn't believe it. I wrote poems and everything. What have you got to say to that?
Dexter: Well, I already knew.
Emma: What do you mean, you knew?
Dexter: Well, I sort of guessed. All those epic letters and compilation tapes. So, go on then. What happened?
Emma: Mmm. I got to know you. You cured me of you.

This freaking movie made me cry a lot. On 2006, I didn't expect it to happen. I was so surprised. I feel rage. Rage in my eyes. I hate this kind of movie. Things were going so well, why does every writer have to put a tragedy in the story? I already love their story. And then something happens.  I have never been so depressed yet simultaneously so happy to be alive and full of tears from any movie.

I saw this one in a review in the movie: “Cherish your friends. Stay true to your principles. Live passionately, fully, and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance.”

You can never foretell what will happen in the future. I learned that the things you do today are your stepping stones in the future. But, you can never guarantee what life will give you. Dexter and Emma had an endless positive outlook in their future. But as we go through the years they've been through, it was never easy. 

The movie gave me another point of view in an adult life. And I am certainly affected by the character of Dexter. Deeply affected because somehow, we have the same attitude and behavior. Not by means of you know, sleeping with different girls. (LOL) But how the career he took, being a host, changed his life. Well, I just imagined myself in the shoes of Dexter, what if it will happen to me? There's a 80%  chance. Though, I was glad because the movie made me realize those fame never last. I fancy, almost, everything same as Dex. And I act like a complete douche much as him. I did lost myself to the right path, not just once, but I'm striving hard to regain what I had lost. It would just kill me if a point in my life will come when someone would say, "I love you so much. But, I just don't like you anymore."

Do you believe in signs? Well I do.
A year ago, I have been addicted to the "Good Life" of One Republic but never really paid attention on why it became a hit. Until now, when I saw the movie One Day. I saw the trailer. 
The movie made a great impact to my life, to how I perceive things in life. Things does not always happen on what you plan. Things does not always happen on what you expect. The future is not always what you expect.
It's an extraordinary film indeed.

"I don't want you thinking I'm bothered or anything about last night.
I don't want your phone number, or lettters, or postcards.
I don't want to get married to you.
Definitely don't want to have your babies.
Whatever happens tomorrow, we've had today."
- Emma Morley, 1981

Of course, books are always better than films. And I'm glad I had seen the film because now, I am interested to read the book! And at an expensive price, I still bought one. That is how I want it. The book is really wordy and I do not want to get confused in ebook too. I tried reading it on ebook for 2 days and it does not seem to work for me. So yey, cheers for the book!

I like how they wrote in letters but I still prefer the telephone though. Still, letters are great!
To get enough of Dex and Em I recommend: nuff said.

♥ Cathypurry

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